LOTS of video evidence showing bad actors – Deep State, LEO, FBI instigation of J6… because the breach happened 40 minutes before any MAGA from the rally could have physically translated to the Capitol

Who exactly “breached” the Capitol TWENTY MINUTES before Trump’s speech ended?

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This started happening at the Capitol twenty minutes before Trump’s speech ended at the Ellipse.

“Trump supporters” already deployed at the Capitol even as Trump was still speaking, okay??

It’s a thirty minute walk from the Ellipse to the Capitol (1.6 miles), which means the first patriots didn’t arrive until 50 minutes after the “breach.” Maybe 40 minutes if they hustled.

No one is denying that the vast majority who ultimately participated in the invited tour of the Capitol were Trump supporters… what we are trying to determine is who started it, and how were they assisted by DC Mayor Bowser and her ROEs.

6 thoughts on “LOTS of video evidence showing bad actors – Deep State, LEO, FBI instigation of J6… because the breach happened 40 minutes before any MAGA from the rally could have physically translated to the Capitol”

  1. People started gathering for Trump’s speech in the early morning hours. Trump holds a lot of rallies, people typically show up early and stay late. What they don’t do is leave early, before the exciting conclusion. They all stay to the end, always. And especially so for the most important rally of his political life and an even which for many was the first time they had ever participated in a political event like this. I am reasonably confident that every Trump supporter that made the effort to attend his Stop The Steal rally, which people left their homes across the country to attend, stayed there to the end to hear what their President had to say – all of it.
    His speech ended at 1:12 PM. It takes at least 30 minutes to get to the Capital from there, assuming you leave immediately and are unhindered. The first Trump supporters wouldn’t be showing up (in any numbers at all) until at least 2:00 PM. This silly, stupid false flag operation began well before 1:00 PM. They were gathering all morning. The Fed ringleaders were there early, getting things ready for their targets.
    If you look at the faces of those in the front, they might seem familiar from the many riots over the summer. Some are even in Antifa uniform black with goggled helmets. Garish Trump hats and flags everywhere – almost like a leftist parody of what they *think* a red neck MAGA rally is supposed to look like – but the people and faces you see under the hats frequently look (at least to me) like Antifa.
    As many others have commented – there were no weapons found; no one has been charged with insurrection; everyone there came with roundtrip tickets back home. This was no insurrection. False flag, and a blatant one at that. Ray Epps. NWTowerCommander. Learn who these two people are, because they were the Fed assets that directed this seditious false flag operation.

  2. Trump’s speech ended at 1:12 PM.
    It takes at least 30 minutes to get from one place to another, assuming no traffic.
    Crowds were assembling at the Capitol hours before the end of Trump’s rally speech.
    His supporters NEVER leave his rallies before the end, usually there remaining well beyond.
    Who were the ones assembling at the Capitol?
    Who were the ones destroying things in precisely the same way they destroyed things all year long?
    Who were the ones dressed up in battle gear with a garish Trump hat placed on top of their fully masked and giggled head?
    Who were all those motley people assembled and receiving weapons, directions and assistance from CP through previously disassembled fences and unlocked doors?
    Patriots were entrapped by a Federal False Flag operation.
    Patriots still think the other side is playing by commonly accepted Constitution based rules.
    One side has their eyes wide open.
    The other side is just now waking up.
    Treason and sedition happened that day, but not the way the actors covering their tracks try to make us believe. Again … the other side is just now waking up and seeing what was before unimaginable.
    We are at a hinge point in history.

    1. Btw, I do deny the vast majority of participants were Trump supporters, who entered the Capitol.
      I assert those who entered were largely Antifa, paid actors and Federal handlers, accompanied by a minority of Trump supporters. Trump supporters largely stayed out. There is much evidence on the small amount of released tape that Trump supporters were desperately, desperately trying to stop the violence committed by others. Those who got in were surprised by carnage and chaos, beaten, and in a few cases murdered.
      I reject the notion that Trump supporters did anything other than try to stop the plot hatched by Leftist actors in government and above government.
      Read the best in depth reporting on this event here, in Revolver:
      It recalls to memory the Stalin axiom: “a single death is a tragedy, a million deaths are a statistic”. This fraud is so big, so systemic, it is difficult to wrap our heads around the grand scale of its implications. “Surely not that”! This is our moment, and it did happen, and we must act on that certain knowledge and hold nothing back in response to this crime of all crimes.
      The election was stolen; the physical and electoral violence of the perpetrators is being blamed on the victim who is in the process of being removed and punished by the criminals themselves. This is communism, ladies and gentlemen. We read about it and tsk, tsk. Well … it’s here.

  3. No sympathy for Trump. Zero. The supporters, however , should at least be awaking from their slumber regard the ex pres. They have been left to hang. Possibly quite literally if the beast gets it’s way. Sure it was all a scam. Isn’t just about everything at this point? Orwell was a piker in his imaginations regarding big brother. The beast will not stop its games. Ever. At least until Christ returns. That is a fact. Outside of that fact, I believe nothing that is shown to us by the beast. Nothing. God bless you all. If we are worthy. If not, let us kiss the paddle and be corrected.

    1. CM: I might agree with your assessment and discouragement except for the fact that there has been no one else – as in zero- who have so adequately and cogently defined and framed the problem of cancerous, corrupt, oligarchic leftism as has Don John Trump.
      I supported Cruz until just before the 2016 nomination. Cruz has consistently defined the False Flag invasion as a conservative terrorist event. Those who invaded and committed violence, conservative terrorists. He ran on conservative Constitutional principles which appeal to me. Until Trump, I thought such a position mattered. After Trump I now see, as you do, that what we face is “The Beast” (your phrase). After Trump I now see old political calculations as no longer relevant because he has exposed The Beast. Who else has done so? Your understanding is based on Trump’s focus on exposure. Very very few Americans knew there was a problem of this magnitude in our political heart until Trump.
      There are some things about Trump that puzzle me (vaccines and his horrible advisers). But one thing is for certain – we see the leftist enemy in our midst solely because Trump pulled back the curtain and opened our collective eyes to it.
      No one else did, has, will, or can do what he has done and is doing in his effort to expose and define this mortal leftist seditious disease in our midst – for those willing to see.
      And so: Trump and his voters are the victim of the leftist election steal, not the cause; Trump and his voters (especially the rally attendees) are the victim of the leftist rally violence, not the cause. Those who stand exposed as corrupt leftist infiltrating perpetrators are the ones who we should focus our wrath on. There is no one else, except Trump, who can, has and will continue to expose them. If he goes down, there is no one else on the bench to take his place – and then we are well and royally cooked.

      1. For instance, Minority Leader McCarthy’s agenda for when Republicans take back Congressional power in 2022:
        Kevin McCarthy@GOPLeader
        When Republicans regain the House, we’ll get America back on track by
        → Stopping the flow of drugs & human trafficking on our border
        → Making it easier to start & grow a business in America
        → Re-establishing America’s energy independence
        → Passing a Parent’s Bill of Rights
        The ship is burning, water has entered the boiler, deck angle is making footing precarious and the First Mate announces that dinner will be served on schedule for those in First Class. Whatever Trump’s faults … at least he has convinced the passengers to get out of bed because there is a problem with the ship.

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