Danish study finds “vaccines” impart worse than zero protection after 91 days… Negative Immunity… how could that be?

Let’s have a closer look at that graphic, which measures vaccine effectiveness (VE) over time:

Do you see how after 91 days, the effectiveness against Omicron drops way below zero? How can a vaccine impart worse than zero effectiveness? Why would a vaccine make you MORE LIKELY to get covid?

Is “Negative Immunity” the new hawtness?

Have a look at the full paper. They try to explain it away as behavioral, but in a way that is the inverse of reality: “Oh you know, vaccinated people are more likely to engage in super risky behavior so that’s probably why they all got sick, okay?”


8 thoughts on “Danish study finds “vaccines” impart worse than zero protection after 91 days… Negative Immunity… how could that be?”

  1. It appears that Omicron, whether naturally developed under God’s permissive will or unnaturally developed by scientists working in a lab against the humanist Covid regime agents (yes, that is a theory), is the *antidote* to Covid and the true end of the Covid “pandemic”.
    It spreads fast, has minor symptoms, and trains your immune system to defeat its relatives. IOW – it is a natural vaccine. But it only works for those whose immune system is intact, not destroyed by introduction of the VAIDS gene therapy substance, designed to permanently destroy immune response and make those who suffer from it permanently dependent upon Pharma (drug cocktails – remember how AIDS patients are dependent for life on these?) forever.

  2. To be perfectly frank the greatest trial of the last two years for myself has been retaining my charity and capacity for forgiveness for the useful idiots. Which probably says that I need God’s forgiveness far more than they do.

  3. Last summer / Delta era, I heard more than one story from younger people, “7-10 days after my friends and I got our second shot, we became sick for weeks with covid.”
    I still don’t know what to make of it. Did the second dose flood them with enough spike protein to *feel* like covid? Or did it create ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) that attracted covid, in summertime? Or (most conspiratorial, furthest stretch) did it implant covid?
    Omicron virus, on the other hand, seems like a true vaccine. A weakened virus that says “You think you’re immune? Hahahaha. Let me break that for you and install an upgrade. OK, *now* you’re immune.”
    I, too, smell (or at least desperately hope for) some good-guy engineering there. But “we’ll see.”

  4. Fauci loved the fact that AIDS made you dependent on drugs the rest of your life. But unfortunately it only affected homosexuals and drug users. In a diabolical union with the malthusian globalists, they’ve developed a shot that kills you, sterilizes you, and/or makes you sick forever. And not only that, they’ve told you that this shot will prevent you from getting sick, by making you sick (producing the virus). We are so lost.

    1. Canadian province of Alberta data:
      There are now more vaccinated hospitalized than unvaccinated.
      I know people who shot their teenagers up with this just so they could go to Boston Pizza and hockey games (and not even NHL), even knowing the effects it was having on women’s cycles and the potential for heart damage.
      At this point, we simply deserve whatever happens next.

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