Roll up your sleeve(s): Netherlands health minister announces plan for SIX jabs


Hugo de Jonge, health minister of The Netherlands, has indicated the country could be preparing another three coronavirus booster vaccines. De Jonge wrote a letter to his country’s parliament Wednesday suggesting the Netherlands should consider additional rounds of booster vaccines to fight new variants, with two of these in 2022 and another shot in 2023.

In the letter, De Jonge wrote: “Certainly because only half of a regular vaccine is needed for a booster dose of Moderna, we now have sufficient vaccines for the current booster campaign and there is ample basis for possible extra booster rounds in the second quarter and the autumn of 2022 and in 2023.”

The Netherlands has bought vaccine stock in bulk in order to avoid shortages. The country has ordered nearly 6 million additional vaccines alongside the 12 million already bought from Pfizer/Biontech. There is already an agreement in place with Pfizer/Biontech for at least another 17.5 million doses before 2023.

8 thoughts on “Roll up your sleeve(s): Netherlands health minister announces plan for SIX jabs”

  1. And the “vaccines” have so far been so very effective, who could say no?
    If this is a result of “following the science”, then they have a much different understanding of that word then I do.

  2. I fear too many people are going to realize too late that the people at the top who are pushing these shots do not have their best interests at heart.
    Not just their physical interests, but their spiritual interests as well. While I can’t seem to find information about fetal cell lines being used in the shots themselves (I’m willing to be corrected on this, and I don’t really believe them when they say fetal cells aren’t in the shots themselves) but from here:
    they say:
    “The fetal cell lines being used to test or manufacture the COVID-19 vaccines are from two
    sources… PER.C6: A retinal cell line that was isolated from an aborted fetus in 1985”
    That person would’ve been born in 1985 (same year I was born…), and they would be about 36 or 37 years old today. They might have one or more children today. The might have had a spouse today. They would have a job, they might’ve owned a home, they would be paying taxes, they would be a contributing member of the economy since their teenage years in the early 2000s, and they would’ve contributed economically for about another 30 or more years, they might’ve enjoyed a comfortable retirement with some grandchildren…
    That was a REAL person! They’re NOT just some letters and numbers in a computer database!
    That soul is probably before God Almighty right now, crying out for vengeance, because instead of a proper burial or repose in Columbarium in a Church for their remains that they should’ve gotten, their remains are being used for a diabolical purpose without their consent.

    1. What most people don’t understand is that fetal cell line HEK 293 was not the result of one live aborted fetus , but 293. Live fetuses must be used to culture the cells. They aborted 293 babies to get one that was viable. The mothers were often compensated for allowing the use of their fetus. 293 people died so that future generations could be injected and infected by the vaccines developed.

  3. My wife spoke with relatives in Heemstede, Netherlands on Christmas Day. They were on speaker. I have never heard such weariness, defeat and sorrow in another’s voice on Christmas. I have a feeling much of Europe is suffering the same.

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