Ten years ago… it was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord at St. Peter’s Basilica with Pope Benedict XVI, 2011. These next five minutes will make you long for the days of beauty and peace. But remember, these were not “better times,” and it was a totally false peace. One could argue these were worse times, because the filth, deception, and heresy of the antichurch remained hidden. What these last nine years hath wrought has been one of God’s greatest lessons in VISIBILITY, about a great many things. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Ten years ago… it was the best of times, it was the worst of times”

  1. I wonder how much of a kick Bergoglio is getting out of all this… Seriously, he’s probably giddy and drunk on power right now.
    Horrific art is installed in the Vatican… And nothing happens.
    He openly worships a South American demon in the Vatican… And nothing happens.
    He wipes out the Mass, calling down the wrath of Almighty God, and Sts. Peter and Paul… And nothing happens. (Read Quo Primum if you don’t know what I’m talking about)
    It isn’t JUST that nothing happens! He has recognize and resist Idiots openly defending him as “Pope”!
    Imagine a marriage. Now imagine the husband leaves the wife with a newborn, and all the bills for her to pay, forcing her to go to her parent’s home at best, or a shelter at worst. That husband then moves his 19 year old secretary into his home, and lavishes her with gifts, and having all sorts of sinful fun, culminating in him “marrying” his secretary.
    How do you think that man’s wife, holding their infant child, will feel having the entire world, people she called family, and friends, and even Church officials, calling them a “married couple.”

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