Pssst… The Pfizer “covid cure” pill works via the same mechanism as IVM… never mind the billions in profit to be made on-patent

I just want to point out that Pfizer was working on a therapeutic this whole time, while also claiming their vaxx was safe and effective. Got that? If you thought your jab was effective, why would you pour millions into developing a therapeutic? Hmmm. Well, because there would be billions more to be made when the jabbed got sick!

This is Ace of Spades via Dad29:

That Pfizer “Cure”? It’s Ivermectin, Re-Formulated

So you can get horse-paste from Pfizer at a ridiculously high price, or ….

…Dr. John Campbell explains the pharmocodynamics of the new Pfizer drug — the mechanism by which the drug stops covid from replicating.

If I have this right, it stops covid by gumming up one of its key enzymes, an enzyme which chops up covid’s longest proteins which allows them to pass into the target cell. The proteins are too large to pass into the target cell unless cut into pieces.

Spoiler Alert: that’s what ivermectin — The Deadly Horse Dewormer — does, too.

Now I know what you Conspiracy Theorists and Disinformation Spreaders are thinking: Pfizer has created a patentable drug which replicates the same pharmocodynamics of ivermectin, which is out of patent and therefore cannot be monetized.

And all I can say is:

What a terrible thing to say.

Ivermectin is a Deadly Horse Dewormer and only a Russian Asset with kompromat against him would say otherwise….

That’s Ace’s take.  The video is at the link in the above quotation.

But there’s more info out there.  PfizerMectin is, indeed, a 3CL inhibitor like Ivermectin.  But PhizerMectin works on the variants where Ivermectin did not unless you jacked up the dose and got side-effects.

Read both items.  Inform yourself.  Make up your own mind.

(this is Mark… FYI, I didn’t have lasting side effects with the higher dosage of IVM.)

16 thoughts on “Pssst… The Pfizer “covid cure” pill works via the same mechanism as IVM… never mind the billions in profit to be made on-patent”

  1. Mark, I read this article awhile back, and have been taking this for a couple months now. I didn’t however, see anything about how long you should keep taking it. Thanks for any input.

  2. From what I understand, and I could be terribly off on this since I have only measly public high school education, is that Ivermectin was effective during the first wave of the “pandemic”, more as a prophylactic than an actual treatment. The earlier the better.
    However with new variants (or whatever they are), it is essentially useless unless taken in very large doses? It seems Pfizer’s new Ivec-look-alike drug is effective at stoping the replication of the virus while good ol run of the mill Ivec cannot stop replication.
    What concerns me is the amount of sickness I am seeing firsthand. During the first wave, it was always so and so had Covid, or so and so’s aunt’s cousin died from Covid. Now, people I directly know are becoming very ill with the coof and being hospitalized, oxygen levels in the 70’s, last rites being administered. Unvaccinated people. While those I know vaccinated are healthy!! My head spins.
    We need you, Nurse Claire, Dr Beep, Ann and SuperNerd to break down this info for us on the next podcast.

    1. The delta variant, which suddenly is gone, according to CDC, is/was resistant to IVM at the lower dosage levels. FLCCC tripled the dose for early treatment back in August. I was taking the highest dose nearly every day during my illness, and I’m convinced it saved me from greater harm, although I did need one night of steroids and O2 in the hospital. It seems the new omicron is far less harmful, although more transmission.

  3. This post is misleading.
    1. Chemically, Pfizer’s drug is nothing like ivermectin. It has some nasty F (Flourine) atoms in there, very different indeed as iver has none. God only knows what those are going to do, when metabolized.
    2. Related – and, as Dr. John Campbell (PhD nurse btw, not an M.D.) does explain in his video – Pfizer’s drug hits only SOME of the channels of action that ivermectin hits, and is thus inferior to ivermectin.
    I know you mean well and in a similar spirit, I would ask that you STOP making comparisons between Pfizer’s drug and ivermectin or speaking of “Pfizermectin” – because that shines way too much credit on the evilness that is Pfizer, and too little credit on the goodness that is ivermectin.

    1. To say that it works via the same mechanism as IVM is not misleading, at all. It may not be as effective, and it almost certainly has nasty side effects (liver, I hear), but the method of disruption is similar between the two.

  4. P.S. to my comment above: Yes, I am also saying that Dad29 got this wrong. Pfizer’s drug is NOT “ivermectin, re-formulated”. No, no, no. Not even close.

  5. “To say that it works via the same mechanism as IVM is not misleading” – Again, nope not accurate. But I’ll try a different angle.
    Somewhere on the internet I read something about iver’s many channels of action… where was that? oh yeah, here:
    Here’s the TLDR: Iver has like 18 channels of action…where Pfizer’s Anti-iver (meant in the same general logic as “Bergoglio is an Anti-pope”) has only one (which it doesn’t necessarily even do as well – it’s unclear).
    Confirming iver’s additional channels, Dr. John Campbell’s video mentions one around time index 18:15 – that iver also messes with the viral “spike protein”. But iver has many more goodnesses built in. Quite a different beast.
    “Reformulated” is a technical term, as I’m sure Nurse Claire & Dr. Beep would confirm. It means the same basic molecule has been tweaked only slightly, as for one example, when avermectins were discovered – then re-formulated into ivermectin.
    2 drugs happening to share just 1 particular channel of action is not a sufficient basis to say one “re-formulates” the other. To quote the good Dr Campbell himself at 4:18, “This is a new molecule.” Or around 5:00, “That’s a completely different shape.”
    Again: If you know your biochemistry, if you care about using words accurately, then Pfizer’s thing is *NOT NOT NOT* “Ivermectin, re-formulated”. The 2 molecules are verrrrry different.
    Don’t I hear something about how the greatest violence to the Papacy is to call a man who is not Peter, Peter? I wonder if that could express a general principle in the use of other words as well?
    It would be a curse, a bane on people, to get them thinking that Pfizer’s thing is somehow good and worth taking because “it’s reformulated ivermectin!”
    Again: I would be willing to call Pfizer’s thing the Anti-Iver or maybe the False Prophet Forerunner of iver. 😉 Cheers!

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