Philly imposes racist vaccine mandate on restaurants and bars… time to make popcorn

“This comes as infection rates in Philadelphia have doubled in the last few weeks and hospitalizations have increased by about 50%.”

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Philadelphia officials announced Monday that proof of a COVID-19 vaccine will soon be required to eat inside a restaurant or food establishment. They said the mandate is meant to help prevent another shutdown of indoor dining. Patrons will have to show their vaccination card and a form of government ID. The rollout begins January 3, Philadelphia Health Commissioner Dr. Cheryl Bettigole said.

“Any place that sells food or drink to be consumed on-site will have to require that everyone who enters be fully vaccinated against COVID-19,” she said.

This will be interesting, since blacks will be disproportionately impacted. You see, blacks are the least “vaccinated” group in the city, so this order flies in the face of “equity.” Let’s war game how this plays out, in a city where the murder tally has already hit a 30 year high:

What happens in mixed neighborhoods, like Graduate Hospital, Fishtown, NoLibs, Port Richmond? What will the scene look like when the 90% vaxxed white hipsters are allowed in, but the 50% vaxxed blacks are not allowed in? Now take it a step further to the black neighborhoods, West Philly, North Philly, Germantown, Mt. Airy… do you understand how enforcement of this mandate is going to go?

Where is DA Krasner in all this?

Meanwhile, back to the lead:

“This comes as infection rates in Philadelphia have doubled in the last few weeks and hospitalizations have increased by about 50%.”

Well, here is their own data. Testing through the roof because of the holidays, no one in hospital and no one dying:

7 thoughts on “Philly imposes racist vaccine mandate on restaurants and bars… time to make popcorn”

  1. I love Philadelphia but the people in charge of the city are among the worst in the nation. Together with the district attorney, they are doing all they can to drive out those of us who live here and pay (very high) taxes. It makes zero common sense for the city to follow the lead of New York’s failure mayor DelBlasio and those two rotting corpse cities, San Fransicko and New Orleans on this jab mandate. But, when Carmelite Sisters are driven out of a city, bad things are bound to happen.

      1. Yep. Let’s take that old satanic Led Zeppelin song and change the lyrics just for DA Larry Krasner:
        “Everybody’s fault but mine. Everybody’s fault but mine.
        Trying to condemn my soul tonight….
        Oh, its everybody’s fault but mine.”

  2. I personally think it is important not to grant the fascists their underlying assumption: at *some* level of infection or other communal danger, it is the duty of government to suspend fundaments, human rights, liberties and all basic protections guaranteed by our Constitution.
    No. That is completely wrong. Because then our fundamental rights are not endowed by our Creator, nor are our more general rights guaranteed by our Constitution – set in stone, as it were.
    If their underlying assumption is true, then we are left arguing at the perimeter in a world in which we have already lost everything.
    “All rights are suspended and government is in a state of dictatorial emergency until we get rates of _____ (fill in the blank – it can be anything) below 100%, 98%, 90%, 75%, 50% (etc)”.
    We agree that they can suspend basic rights. The only debate is under which condition, and how extreme. And THAT is a judgement call.
    BEFORE, we debated policy with basic human and Constitutional rights understood as a given. Now we debate under what conditions we are to get those rights back, if ever. Policy isn’t even debated because we live under a dictatorship of mandates until we concur the emergency is over.
    We have experienced a coup. It already happened. If we argue at the edges the conditions upon which we should get back our God-given rights and Consgitutional government and its specific rights, then we have already lost and accepted the terms of the coup.
    Our God-given rights are sacred. Our Constitutional liberty is set in stone. Neither are negotiable. Neither are subject to bargaining or debate. They are a given. My (our collective) right to them is 1,000 times more important than anyone else’s right not to get sick (for instance).
    Bottom line? The numbers are interesting – but they arguing them is inherently a path to failure. We need a paradigm shift: end medical tyranny; reinstate our Constitutional Republic; then we’ll talk policy.

    1. Summarized in this little beauty of a political cartoon.
      The logic of this image is just like that of the BLM rioters these cartoon caricatures are linked to = “of course they have the right to smash and grab all our basic human rights … we understand, we get it … the political (medical, ____ fill in the blank) crisis compels them …. the “grievance” is over all other consideration – supreme”.
      Our response should be the same as that reserved for BLM/Antifa thugs: “submit to our rule of Constitutional Law and Liberty … and then perhaps we might talk *IF* you ask nicely”.
      We cannot negotiate with terrorists. Their demands are all, by definition, criminal and fatal.

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