With Ivermectin in Hand, Wife Dies While Husband Begs Hospital to Administer

Do your hospital research NOW. Don’t wait until you need to go. Figure out which ones are less likely to murder you. You may need to cross state lines. Also, don’t wait to buy Ivermectin. You should already be taking it regularly, and you should have a stockpile in case you get sick.

This is a Philly-area TLM family; Mater Ecclesiae, Berlin NJ:

BY BETH BRELJE December 11, 2021 

David DeLuca of Sicklerville, New Jersey will never know if the Ivermectin prescribed by an out-of-state doctor for his wife would have saved her life. Colleen DeLuca, 62, died of COVID-19 on Oct. 10, at Jefferson Washington Township Hospital in Sewell, New Jersey, before he could get a court order to administer the drug.

Ivermectin has helped in some cases,  but across the United States, many hospitals don’t include it in their COVID protocol for treatment and refuse to use it, even as a last effort on a dying patient.

Buffalo, New York attorney Ralph Lorigo has spent the last 11 months handling cases where the family wants to try Ivermectin and must get a court order to force hospitals to allow the drug to be administered. DeLuca had Lorigo draw up papers for court, but because Lorigo doesn’t practice in New Jersey, he instructed DeLuca to find a New Jersey attorney to file the papers and handle the case. However, DeLuca couldn’t find an attorney willing to take on the case.

“They kept telling me the magistrates of New Jersey will never let this go through. Now I’ve got to go through the next 25 years without her,” grief stricken David DeLuca, 62, told The Epoch Times. “My 3-year-old granddaughter kisses her photo at night.”


9 thoughts on “With Ivermectin in Hand, Wife Dies While Husband Begs Hospital to Administer”

  1. Involuntary manslaughter often refers to unintentional homicide from criminally negligent or reckless conduct.
    This crime seems to apply to the relevant Doctors, Nurses, Hospital.
    Charge them.

    1. Stay out of these killing places. Once in you cannot come out, except by the back door to the mortuary. Remdesiver is used as it gets the hospital $4000.00 per bag, two a day. The kidneys are destroyed and the lungs fill with fluid. On to a ventilator for the coup the grace, bingo another $39,000.00 per stiff. Death and a coffin for the poor soul. All for filthy lucre. Pure murder, plain and simple, and only the gallows will suffice. I am getting very angry with this situation, and I pray that God channels that feeling in a positive way.

      1. The prosecutor charges with reference to a police report, which is made in reference to the facts surrounding the malpractice and needless death and the relevant witnesses (including the deceased’s ignored family).
        I guess the real question is why the heck are charges never filed?
        Isn’t it strange that charges are NOT filed? And no one complains? I think it is.

  2. Beware the Epoch times. Founded by Falun Gong cultists, their common cause with us is anti-communism. But they are definitely not Christian.
    My brother had Covid last week. I gave him some Ivermectin. He never felt better, so I think it does more than just fight Covid.

  3. I am also seeing the wisdom of getting a nebulizer to nebulize H2O2 to combat viruses and for those with suspected covid to have on hand especially about a week into it. This is a good thing to have as the (killing) hospitals may even refuse to treat the ‘unvaxxed’. Of course even those with the jabs can die of the “virus” so they also should have tools at home to combat the bioweapon.

  4. Can you please tell us exactly how to nebulize H2o2? I have a nebulizer and food-grade H2o2 and now I need precise instructions. Thank you so much!!

    1. From Nurse Claire:
      This person must start first by making a saline solution:
      one cup boiling water + 1/2 teaspoon sea salt gives you a cup of ‘normal saline’. Two teaspoons of this, plus the 2 drops from your 3% H2O2 solution gives you the mix to put into the nebulizer. The saline will keep for four days in the fridge.

      1. You guys are the best. I’m just starting to listen to Ann’s latest podcast right now. I’m glad you’re feeling better, Mark. God bless you, Ann, Supernerd, Nurse Claire, Dr. Mazza, etc. I love you all. God bless you!!

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