Explosive Rise in Ontario Stillbirths Triggers Parliamentary Questions

Questions were raised in Ontario’s Parliament by MPP Rick Nicholls about the explosive rise of stillbirths among fully vaccinated women in the country. Nicholls gave an example of Waterloo, Ontario where 86 cases of stillbirths have been reported in six months, compared to typically five to six per year.

“But now Minister, I shed tears of sorrow. In the Waterloo area, 86 stillbirths have occurred from January to July. Normally it’s roughly one stillbirth every two months. But here’s the kicker, mothers of stillbirth babies were fully vaccinated, and you have clearly said on numerous occasions that the vaccines are safe.

What do you say to the doctors who told expecting women it was okay to get fully vaccinated? And what should they tell the mothers who deliver a stillborn baby?”

The Minister of Health, Christine Elliot gave the standard reply we have come to expect from government bureaucrats, entirely ignoring the question of rising stillbirths and replying that “[the vaccine] is safe, it has been tested, we are recommending that women who are pregnant do receive the vaccine for the protection of themselves, protection of their baby as well.

Canada isn’t the only country experiencing a rise in stillbirths, the news comes shortly after Scotland reported that 21 babies had died within 28 days of birth in September. The spike in deaths was so noticeable that it triggered an investigation…


10 thoughts on “Explosive Rise in Ontario Stillbirths Triggers Parliamentary Questions”

  1. Mark, in the old Soviet Union there were two news sources, Izvestia, which means “News,” and Pravda, which means “Truth.” And the cynical joke was, “There is no news in the Truth and no truth in the News.” Thank you for doing your part to give us the real news and the truth.

  2. Politicians are trying to be non offensive. They know very well the vaccines are effective: if you’re dead you can’t catch covid.

  3. These criminals here in Ontario are going to roast! My MPP is a local criminal, and jabbed up, promoting a juiced bio-weapon injections to minors, five and up. The gallows is the only thing worthy of these pagans. And, yet our religious, bergoglio and his satanic team of devils promote this also. Yes Lord, please cleanse this evil from our lives, please this Advent.
    Lord Bless us this day.

  4. Christine Elliot is lying. The vaccine has only been “tested” by giving it to pregnant mothers outside of trials, and the results are in: 86 stillbirths in Waterloo alone. That’s the only “test”. The test shows the vaccines are not safe.
    @Renfrew: no, the criminals are not going to roast. We, their victims, will be the ones to roast for their sins. The criminals will never, ever be punished. They are the ones who will be rewarded, and rewarded more. The people who run the world are giving them almost unlimited wealth and power.

  5. At times like this, I’m reminded of the Battle of Shiroyama on September 24th, 1877 in Japan.
    500 Samurai against 30,000 professional Japanese Imperial soldiers. (Spoiler: The Samurai did what they do best when they’re out-numbered 60-1.)
    Some people would rather die horrible deaths than actually think even that one thought. It happens over and over again throughout history.
    “Times are changing, and we Samurai should adapt and change with them.” – Being torn to pieces by bullets was LESS painful than having that one thought to those Samurai.
    “The people pushing this shot all have complete legal immunity, and the rich people pushing this shot have all spoken about depopulation in the past…” – Having one’s child die in the womb (or worse, being rendered infertile either intentionally or as a by-product) or dying of myocarditis, or a heart attack is LESS painful to many people than have THAT one thought.

  6. Thecovidworld web server is not found on the internet if you find something link it but also copy it and put it on a site or two.

  7. The wealthy evil persons who keep scheming for massive depopulation should lead by example. Then we’d all be better off.

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