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  1. If the Atlantic wishes to use these types of analogies … it is more accurate to refer to we who have not corrupted ourselves with these filthy substances as the “pure-bloods”; those who have been so corrupted by the VAIDS injections (Vaccine Acquired Immuno-Defficiency Syndrome) as the filthy, the vermin, corrupters of healthy society and spreaders of their VAIDS disease.
    And we know how that goes, don’t we? I really do think the Atlantic and their self-absorbed readers who think they are oh, so smart want to go down that road … even thought they are already well on their way. Big mistake chiefs.

  2. This won’t end well, but it may not end well for the arrogant vaxxed. It really is stunning to see the godless, mindless simplicity of our fellow humans. How did people get to be so arrogant and so totalitarian so quickly. It is a psychological study none of us wanted but here we are. Now we clearly see how Germany happened.
    But God Almighty, vaxxed people, don’t do this to your children, don’t inject them and put them at risk to “protect” adults. Calculations have been done. Healthy children do not die of Covid and they are not big spreaders. It is typically medically compromised children, poor things. But for every child saved from a rare death by Covid, 117 children will die from the injections. Do what you want to your own bodies, but spare the children. They don’t know enough about these injections yet and there are worrisome indicators. Don’t let your child be a guinea pig.

    1. RE: How did people get to be so arrogant and so totalitarian so quickly.
      Answer: The removal of God from our lives. What’s been most disturbing is how the vast, vast majority of the Church’s priests and bishops have fallen into line. They actually think the gods of covidism have more power than God Almighty. It makes you wonder if they even believe in the Real Presence.

      1. Priests of the Catholic Church worship the priests of scientist and expediency. In two years very few have spoken out against Bergoglio for worshipping idols in public. My own thinking is they’re scared to be cancelled by bishops or the science worshipping public. To contradict irrational nonsense is to be considered a fanatic. Most people will not stand up for unpopular truth because they value the esteem of men and not the esteem of God.

  3. Day 1: Covid Negative.
    Day 2: Covid Positive.
    Day 3: Covid Negative.
    Those were the test results from a family member who had to go to the hospital three days in just the last week. No, I am not joking.
    They said: “You’re Covid positive, so you can’t have visitors closer than the door to your room.”
    Then the very next day: “The tests show you are Covid negative, so your visitors can come into the room.”
    They are literally holding a piece of paper that says the test they just took shows this person has a supposedly dangerous virus, and they are saying that after about 24 hours, that virus no longer exists in their body.
    A teenager in a high school science class who is able to stop and say, “Something doesn’t add up here” is more of a scientist than the people in hospitals with white lab coats “LARPing” as scientists.

    1. I like this lady’s Covid test (she is obviously from my tribe).
      All the other stuff is a stupid charade.
      I will do whatever it takes to stay away from “Doctors” and their stupid testing and protocols – (“snap, fixzzzxxz, sniff, taste …. yep, still good”).

  4. I would be very careful about starting to proclaim that one is a “pureblood” it is the same twisted mentality that the vaccinated have.

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