NIH head calls for ‘misinformation’ sources to be tracked down, ‘brought to justice’

“A commentary by WND executive David Kupelian only weeks ago pointed out that much of the misinformation about COVID has come from the government.”

“Haha… hahahaha.” – NVP

Mon Nov 29, 2021 – 11:16 am EST

BETHESDA, Maryland (World News Daily) — Francis Collins, the chief of the National Institutes of Health, has told National Public Radio in an interview that he wants to “track down” and deliver “justice” to those he thinks have distributed “disinformation” about COVID-19.

“I’m still worried about where we are,” he said. “…[T]he thing that worries me most is the way in which misinformation and, frankly, disinformation has become so prominent in the face of a public health crisis. And it has been manipulated in some situations for political reasons in a fashion that is turning our culture wars into something really serious.”

He continued, “We probably lost 100,000 people to COVID-19 who were unvaccinated because they had information that told them that this wasn’t something that would be safe for them. And that’s heart-breaking. And it is kind of a breakdown, it seems to me, in our society of the ability to distinguish opinions from truth. And if we’ve lost that ability, if we can’t sort through the evidence and understand what’s real and true, then I worry about all kinds of other challenges that lie ahead for us.”

He suggested punishment for those deemed to have disagreed with the government propaganda on the issue.

“And I think those who are intentionally spreading this kind of information that they know to be false for some political or personal reasons, I really think they are the ones that we ought to be trying to track down and figure out, why are you doing this? And isn’t there some kind of justice for this kind of action? Isn’t this like yelling fire in a crowded theater? Are you really allowed to do that without some consequences?”

However, a commentary by WND executive David Kupelian only weeks ago pointed out that much of the misinformation about COVID has come from – the government.

He explained, “Just a year ago, Dr. Anthony Fauci was widely regarded as a wise, warm, grandfatherly medical expert whom Americans could trust to guide them safely through a frightening pandemic. Today, we know that besides ushering in the catastrophic long-term national lockdown based on absurdly flawed computer modeling, changing his positions on almost everything, and increasingly flat-out lying, Fauci ignored the U.S. government’s own ban on funding dangerous “gain of function” research and recklessly sent American taxpayers’ hard-earned money to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to fund Frankenstein-type experiments to make bat coronaviruses more dangerous to humans. That is literally true.”

He explained, “Americans are just starting to discover that most of what they thought they knew about the pandemic has been not just a lie, but in many cases a Big Lie – the exact opposite of the truth, intentionally meant to deceive and manipulate entire populations.”

He cited the government demands for lockdowns, a “radical departure from previous public health practice,” which were used to “corrupt the 2020 election and ultimately install a ruling regime of deranged left-wing revolutionaries untethered to reality, history, the Constitution, Judeo-Christian values, reason, decency, love or basic sanity.”

“Then, just recently, most Americans finally learned that what Democrats, Big Tech, Big Media, Big Medicine and Big Fact-checkers had censored and mercilessly ridiculed for more than a year as a right-wing, racist, Trumpian conspiracy theory – namely, that the SARS-CoV-2 virus was actually created in a U.S.-funded level-4 biolab in Wuhan, China staffed with Chinese military personnel, and didn’t spontaneously jump species from a bat in a nearby ‘wet market’ – turned out to be true,” he wrote.

Then, he added, “there’s the elite class’s maniacal obsession with forcing every living human being to be injected with an experimental messenger-RNA gene therapy, which they call a “vaccination,” despite an unprecedented lack of safety data and – as of this writing – more than 12,000 American deaths reported after receiving the mRNA jab.”…

7 thoughts on “NIH head calls for ‘misinformation’ sources to be tracked down, ‘brought to justice’”

  1. These guys are overplaying their hand now to the point that it’s getting laughable. No matter what questions they get asked or what scenario they are presented, they rattle off some BS and end it with: “and that’s why we all need to get vaccinated”.
    Remember the saying “don’t pee on my boots and tell me it’s raining”? Well we’ve got Fauci straddling one of our boots and Collins straddling the other and they’re screaming in our face that it’s pouring cats and dogs…

  2. We have to be as radical as these communist demons hiding behind grandfatherly faces are. Pray in latin. Call these people out. Prepare for the worst.

  3. Imagine if they do try to bring people to “justice” via arrests/fines. The discovery in a court setting would be lovely.
    Methinks independent thinkers/writers/media are knocking down the censorship Goliath. Mr. Global can’t hide the truth, and hasn’t been able to destroy the control group–the unvaxxed.
    They are in a pickle, hence the increasingly ridiculous lies and propaganda. Praying that it is not too late for justice of some type and to see a hard stop on the depopulation efforts.

  4. “Isn’t this like yelling fire in a crowded theater? Are you really allowed to do that without some consequences?”
    These little statements need to be met and destroyed as the dangerous, fallacious rhetoric that they are. That statement above is the premise upon which all speech can be regulated by the communists.
    The truth is, THEY are the ones yelling “fire” because THEY are the ones trying to convince us the movie theater is burning up when it actually is not. Yet, we movie patrons are blamed for yelling fire when we are just sitting here trying to enjoy the show. But those buggers in the back have got the crowd all riled up storming the exits. And just because we aren’t joining them and remain in our seats, they are blaming us for what THEY DID! The crowd is panicked, true, but it’s not our fault.
    It’s funny, because of course no one should be allowed to yell fire in a crowded movie theater and cause a panic in which an unreasoning stampede causes injury. How did we get to the place where those who didn’t are blamed by those who did? Just because someone says it does not make it true.
    The saying is true. But the actors identified within are not.
    Next up for critique: “Your freedoms and choices don’t supersede my right to not get sick and die”.
    A faulty premise leads to much error.

  5. If the “vaccine” works, as long as you got it doesn’t matter whether I do. If it doesn’t work, it also doesn’t matter whether I got the “vax”. Simple as.

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