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  1. I can’t imagine how her words must make the friends and family of the victims feel. They are already in a world of pain.

  2. Mark, I haven’t seen anyone from the TradCat blogosphere who has reposted this yet. If you are willing, would you post this video and call for prayers?
    This priest was just vaccinated, and God struck him dead where he stood. More, he died just before the immolation of the sacrifice, literally a breath before he could pray the Agnus Dei. He was killed in such a way as to literally preempt his prayer for mercy. God rejected him and his sacrifice in a way I can only compare to Arius.
    Please, pray for this priest, who now faces judgement having been unable to pray for mercy.

    1. Yes ordered to kill himself by his bishop and ultimately the new world order anti-pope bergoglio, who said you must take the kill shot out of love! There will be more as the killing machine is just ramping up. Mass genocide and our hierarchy is in favor. The new anti-church. Yes pray hard and stay faithful to our Lord.

    2. That video is from September. He’s in the recent livestreams from this week on the Parroquia Ntra Sra de Guadalupe Acapulco FB page. He didn’t die.

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