“mRNA COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk as Measured by the PULS Cardiac Test: a Warning”

Folks, you don’t even have to go hunting for the misinformation truth. It’s all out there. I’m really starting to wonder how many healthy young people are going to get third and fourth shots.

Steven R Gundry Originally published 8 Nov 2021 Circulation. 2021;144:A10712


Our group has been using the PLUS Cardiac Test (GD Biosciences, Inc, Irvine, CA) a clinically validated measurement of multiple protein biomarkers which generates a score predicting the 5 yr risk (percentage chance) of a new Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS). The score is based on changes from the norm of multiple protein biomarkers including IL-16, a proinflammatory cytokine, soluble Fas, an inducer of apoptosis, and Hepatocyte Growth Factor (HGF)which serves as a marker for chemotaxis of T-cells into epithelium and cardiac tissue, among other markers. Elevation above the norm increases the PULS score, while decreases below the norm lowers the PULS score.The score has been measured every 3-6 months in our patient population for 8 years. Recently, with the advent of the mRNA COVID 19 vaccines (vac) by Moderna and Pfizer, dramatic changes in the PULS score became apparent in most patients.This report summarizes those results. A total of 566 pts, aged 28 to 97, M:F ratio 1:1 seen in a preventive cardiology practice had a new PULS test drawn from 2 to 10 weeks following the 2nd COVID shot and was compared to the previous PULS score drawn 3 to 5 months previously pre- shot. Baseline IL-16 increased from 35=/-20 above the norm to 82 =/- 75 above the norm post-vac; sFas increased from 22+/- 15 above the norm to 46=/-24 above the norm post-vac; HGF increased from 42+/-12 above the norm to 86+/-31 above the norm post-vac. These changes resulted in an increase of the PULS score from 11% 5 yr ACS risk to 25% 5 yr ACS risk. At the time of this report, these changes persist for at least 2.5 months post second dose of vac. We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.


5 thoughts on ““mRNA COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk as Measured by the PULS Cardiac Test: a Warning””

  1. Sorry for the typo… please delete the draft
    These COVID “vaccines” ARE 800 TIMES DEADLIER than the deadliest vaccine in human history… THE DEADLIEST EVER CREATED BY MAN. And they’re promoted as safe and effective.
    – Steve Kirsch
    • Data suggest 1 in 317 boys aged 16 to 17 will get myocarditis from the COVID shots, and after a third booster, that number may be even higher
    • VAERS reporting is likely underreported by a factor of 41. Since there are over 8,000 domestic deaths reported to VAERS, and 98% of those deaths are “excess deaths,” this suggests that as many as 300,000 Americans may have died from the COVID shots thus far
    • Calculations based on government data from 35% of the world’s population suggest we’re killing approximately 411 people per million doses on average. Moderna and Pfizer are both two-dose regimens, which pushes this to 822 deaths per million fully vaccinated. And that’s just the short-term mortality. We still have no concept of how these shots might impact mortality and morbidity in the longer term
    • An Italian investigation found that if the COVID mortality definition were changed to only include those cases where there were no preexisting comorbidities, the mortality from COVID comes out to just 2.9% of the overall reported number. This suggests that if a COVID death was redefined to being a death actually “from” COVID rather than “with” COVID, the death count could be substantially smaller than 760,000 deaths and may be smaller than the number killed by the vaccines
    • The deadliest vaccine ever made is the smallpox vaccine, which killed 1 in 1 million vaccinated people. The COVID shots kills 822 per million fully vaccinated, making it more than 800 times deadlier than the deadliest vaccine in human history

  2. If this isn’t the biggest, most undeniable smoking gun yet, then nothing is. What the HELL is it gonna take for people to open up their eyes?
    Instead, they’ll be running to the ‘”vax” centers’ and drugstores with their children in hand (the few who’ve actually survived the womb), and offer the living little ones up to moloch (old fauci is pushing HARD now for newborns(!) to get the poison). If the injection doesn’t kill the kids short-term, it will set them up for an abbreviated lifetime of misery and hatred….hatred toward the parents who did it to them; hatred toward the ‘heath’ community that pushed it KNOWING the nightmare heath consequences; hatred toward the oligarchs who set it up; a special kind of hatred for those who never got the jab; and on and on….a festering, growing pile of pain, misery, and hate (think of the psychotic, demonic mind-set on the lead boat in “Camp of the Saints” and multiply it by a million). Can you imagine anything more pleasing to satan? As bad as it is now, THAT’S the future awaiting us…..we have 7 seals then 7 trumpets to get through (14 escalating horrors, that we utterly deserve), and I honestly don’t think we’ve been through 2 yet. Get ready for the storm.

    1. The first seal, the white horse has come-conquest; the second, the red horse as well-loss of peace; the third, the black horse-famine, from all accounts, is on our doorstep; the fourth seal as well, the pale horse- death of many, appears to be imminent.
      After that will come the martyrs, followed by cosmic chaos- earthquakes, stars falling from the sky forcing people to flee and hide. Could that be the Illumination of conscience?
      The seventh seal, if we are lucky, won’t come until after the period of peace if Russia is consecrated to Mary’s Immaculate heart. The way things look that doesn’t appear likely, but nothing is impossible with God. We may be in for a wild ride. The living will envy the dead….

  3. Byzantine cathedral in Pittsburgh requires proof of jab to attend Christmas concert😥😫😨😨. Stay away from other humans. Wear mask.
    Not kidding. There is no hope.

    1. No hope is correct. In Canada on Tuesday coming. Sacrificing children and zoo animals together by death juice! Parents are willingly driving this forward also, they want that for their children. Death!

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