One thought on “Reason for hope: Witch gets trolled”

  1. A lot of people out there are citing the “Nuremberg Code” as a defense against this mess.
    Guess what? There were a lot of really smart scientists in Tuskegee who, after World War 2, looked at what the Nazis did and said, “That’s horrible! I’m glad we now have a solid framework for doing ethical medical treatments!” And then they immediately went ahead and left a bunch of poor black people with untreated Syphilis just to see what would happen and never told those human beings they were guinea pigs. They completely justified what they were doing in their own minds, and didn’t think for one instant they were as bad as those evil Nazis across the Atlantic.
    Everyone is always first to justify away their own sin into a virtue in their own mind.
    Remember that before you take this shot developed by a bunch of really smart people.

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