Forget Separation of Powers and Rule of Law: All we have now is a dictator, unless we do not allow it


Dictators dictate. That’s what they do. A dictator that did not dictate, did not make his word law, is no kind of dictator at all. Why, a dictator that did not force his captive subjects to follow his will is no better than a politician.

Luckily, the people telling Biden what to say are genuine dictators. We therefore must give them the respect to which they are due.

Our hidden dictators have dictated that employers with 100 or more employees must force their employees to be vaccinated.

Or to fire those employees.

Or, if not fired, to require them to wear a mask in perpetuity. And to be tested weekly—in perpetuity. There has been no good evidence, ever, that masks work. Ever.

And what happens, you stupid stupid midwit soy-infused botch-of-Nature self-satisfied Experts, when the test comes back positive?

No. I’m asking you, you damnable Experts, what happens with a positive test?



Answer the damned question, you lower than lower alimentary canal projections!

Answer comes there none.

They have no answer. This is pure punishment, pure torture for the sake of torture.

Oh, our delightful government doesn’t torture it’s own citizens, only filthy foreigners? That’s what you think? Think again. They locked the January 6 protesters in dungeons and inflict torture on them so bad even lefty judges take pity on the prisoners.

But you don’t have to worry about this, citizen. You weren’t there. You aren’t a political prisoner.


Just keep refusing the vaccine and see what happens.

This is a dictate. The word of these occult Biden puppet master is now law. You must obey. You cannot disobey. You must comply. You have no choice. There is no appeal. Experts have spoken…

Read the rest… no one is coming to save you. You need to do it yourself:

12 thoughts on “Forget Separation of Powers and Rule of Law: All we have now is a dictator, unless we do not allow it”

    1. Unfortunately, I truly believe this is going to come down to gunfire. We’re dealing with psychopaths who won’t stop till they either get their way or are physically immobilized. These people are demanding to inject this unproven “vaccine” into our young children, who are statistically not affected by the virus. There’s no reasoning with them. Hopefully there’s enough people willing to stand up.

  1. …”Yes, at first it will not be fair. Someone will have to temporarily lose his job. For the young who seek to live by truth, this will at first severely complicate life, for their tests and quizzes, too, are stuffed with lies, and so choices will have to be made. But there is no loophole left for anyone who seeks to be honest: Not even for a day, not even in the safest technical occupations can he avoid even a single one of the listed choices—to be made in favor of either truth or lies, in favor of spiritual independence or spiritual servility. And as for him who lacks the courage to defend even his own soul: Let him not brag of his progressive views, boast of his status as an academician or a recognized artist, a distinguished citizen or general. Let him say to himself plainly: I am cattle, I am a coward, I seek only warmth and to eat my fill.”…
    February 12, 1974
    The rest is here.
    Again, we will not submit under the lies. Come for trouble, and kind will be disbursed. Ready for a cruel winter here, Grandma and I.

  2. I randomly picked a bible verse out to see wisdom from God, and I came across the story of St. Stephen. I think we all have to see ourselves as St. Stephen.

  3. St. Thomas Aquinas sums up the last 20 months:
    “To the extent that human law departs from reason, it is called ‘unjust law’ (lex iniqua) and has the character not of law but of a certain sort of violence.”
    Slightly presumptuously, let me add my own two lira to the Angelic Doctor’s comment.
    It is our duty, our God-given duty to cherish, maintain and defend both the inviolability of our conscience and our physical integrity.

  4. I have done what I can so far. I’ve voiced my concerns to upper management at work. I’ve refused the testing. I’ve been written up 3 times and suspended once. I’ve submitted a religious exemption and appealed my write ups, which are now with the director. Thank God I was able to go out on leave with the birth of my son, but I apparently have another suspension waiting for me when I get back and if I don’t test before I come back, they will fire me. I’m going to stretch the leave for as long as I can, and hope that either something changes and the mandate is reversed or I find a new job. But even those companies with under 100 employees aren’t safe. They will be coming for us all. Everyone has to stand up and not comply. We have to try civil disobedience now, and if that doesn’t work, there really is only one option left.
    Everyone needs to do everything they can to prepare both physically and spiritually. I believe that the upcoming months are going to be very difficult for us all. May God Bless all of those fighting the good fight. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!

    1. Mr. Henderson, you have a good and brave heart, given to you by God. If you are in my neck of the woods, I would help, because I know that we would be making the same decisions as you and your spouse. We all have a part to play in God’s Divine Plan, that is why we ware here in this time and space. He has done this on purpose to us, He needs us. We all need to do manly and show allegiance to the true King in our lives. You are in good hands. I hope our prayers will help you.

      1. Thank you, Renfrew Summer. Your kind words mean so much to me. If I have done anything courageous, it is because God has worked through me and given me that gift. I have just said yes!
        I will say that one of the most difficult things has been hearing from some of my loved ones that I am being proud, stubborn and selfish. And maybe I am… But they say that I am not thinking of the wellbeing of my family. And I reply that I am doing all of this for my family and our future. When I have my doubts, I just think of what may come in the future if we don’t fight. I also think about my son asking me what I did during this time. How can I tell him that I did nothing? That being said, my advice to anyone who is going to fight this, be prepared for pushback from your loved ones. I think that many are afraid of what is coming, but also are too afraid to fight and not comply. They then put their frustrations and fears on you. Do not be scandalized by this. We all must stand with God though all trials and tribulations. And in the end, we know that God is victorious!
        Thank you for the prayers. I will keep you my prayers as well. God Bless!

  5. Yes, God bless you and all those like you in the midst of trials like that.
    The front lines of this confusing conflict of the mind and spirit are among us and the war will be won by individuals like you choosing to stand.
    Courage is contagious.

    1. Thank you, Aqua, for the kind words. You definitely described this conflict right: confusing. See my reply to Renfrew Summer. It has been difficult to see the responses from family, friends and coworkers, but I have to do what I know is right.
      But yes, courage is contagious. I almost never comment or share stories from my personal life, but people need to know that if you stand up and fight, God will help you in ways that you can never imagine. Put your faith in Him and Our Lady and amazing things will happen.
      May God bless you too!

  6. Rule of law has never existed and never will. Laws are not self-created, self-executed or self-enforced. At every stage a human agent must mediate, which is why the quality of the mediator matters. We have had terrible mediators going on decades now, if not longer.

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