Philly Abp. Perez holds “Interfaith Mass” of inclusiveness and peace – all are welcome! – except the filthy unvaxxed

By Gina Christian • Posted October 18, 2021

“On Oct. 16, the archbishop celebrated a “Mass for Peace and Justice” at Chestnut Hill College (CHC) to honor lives lost to gun violence, now at record levels in Philadelphia. So far, the city has counted 435 homicides in 2021, with 375 fatal and 1,482 nonfatal shooting victims.

“Attended by some 130 Catholic and interfaith participants, Saturday’s liturgy was organized by CHC’s Institute for Forgiveness and Reconciliation (IFR) as part of its “Month of Nonviolence” observance… Surrounding the altar at the Mass were several T-shirts from the Philadelphia Memorial to the Lost, each representing a gun violence victim in the city last year…Also on display during the liturgy were several paintings of victims courtesy of the Souls Shot Portrait Project, which artistically commemorates individuals killed by gunfire.”

As if this is really a mystery. A pandemic of black on black murder, amid a defunded police department, and a mayor who issued a public apology to the looters last summer, for insensitively using tear gas to break up a riot.

I’m sure a bunch of old, rich, white folk in Chestnut Hill can figure it out.

At least the Archbishop was distracted from Carmelite persecution for a few hours.

All faiths are welcome at this Mass. But if you’re unvaxxed, you’re uninvited.

Extra Vacciniam nulla salus!

6 thoughts on “Philly Abp. Perez holds “Interfaith Mass” of inclusiveness and peace – all are welcome! – except the filthy unvaxxed”

  1. Did Mother Theresa require the poor of Calcutta to be vaccinated against malaria and leprosy before they could enter her hospitals? Did she and her nuns wear face burqa’s and check vaccine status before they helped abandoned children out of the trash dumps and into their care?
    By the way, that painting of what appears to be a half naked, pregnant woman holding her underbelly on the stage/altar is eerily reminiscent to a certain Amazonian pagan statue that was revered inside the Vatican right before covidism made its official debut. It’s probably just a coincidence but, the similarities are eerie.

  2. When I realise that I would be excluded from events like this, THAT’S when the high price of missing out on the vactheen really hits home for me. I love me an interfaith gathering but slightly disappointed that this didn’t appear to be open to ‘people of all faiths and none.’ I think they missed out on some wider perspectives as a result.

  3. I notice a few things about this “Mass” for reconciliation.
    1: The Crucifix of our Lord is covered by a curtain.
    2: Photos of people include a woman wearing nothing but a bra.
    3: The mission statement of Institute For Forgiveness & Reconciliation mentions Jesus Christ, crucified, risen, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Redeemer, Friend, Just Ruler, Prince of Peace (isn’t this a “Mass” for “justice and peace”?), again, mentions Jesus Christ a grand total of zero times. Mentions “God of life” once.
    I can safely say that this ecumenical “Mass” for justice and peace was godless.
    I think it is well beyond time for Catholics to advance and defend Jesus Christ from those who have replaced the King of Kings with an ecumenical, universal “God of life”, with Pachamama nearby (represented in this picture above, in my humble opinion, by the pregnant bra lady – the pose is identical, the boobs similarly prominent).
    When will we notice that Jesus Christ is absent or a mere flicker of altar light. Time to raise our God high, once again.

  4. The t-shirts display the fruits of the devil. He must love it when they are around God’s altar. Excuse me, table.

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