UPDATE: Southwest Airlines blames the weather for pilots calling out sick to protest vaxx mandate

UPDATE/CONFIRMED 15:30 MST: Scroll down below the link.

I guess the other airlines encountered different weather? What a joke.

My sources also inform me that 30% of American Airlines pilots remain unvaxxed. United says they are at 99% compliance, which means all their unvaxxed pilots are already fired. This is going to be quite a show. If you are headed to see loved ones during the holiday season, be prepared to not get there.

Southwest Airlines canceled more than 1,000 flights, 27% of its schedule, on Sunday as disruptions that the airline blamed on air traffic control issues and bad weather affected the travel plans of thousands of customers.

“We experienced significant impact in the Florida airports [Friday] evening after an FAA-imposed air traffic management program was implemented due to weather and resulted in a large number of cancellations,” Alan Kasher, who oversees daily flight operations, told staff in a note on Saturday.

The Federal Aviation Administration, which oversees air traffic, didn’t immediately comment. Southwest apologized to travelers for long customer service waits.

“We are working hard behind the scenes to minimize challenges and fully recover the operation as we take care of displaced Crews and Customers as quickly as possible,” the company said.

The Dallas-based airline canceled 808 flights on Saturday, according to flight-tracking site FlightAware. American Airlines, which operates a large hub in Miami, in comparison, canceled 63 mainline flights, or 2% of its operation and Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based Spirit Airlines canceled 32 flights, 4% of its schedule.

Southwest did not immediately comment on whether staffing shortfalls contributed to the cancellations this weekend.


7 thoughts on “UPDATE: Southwest Airlines blames the weather for pilots calling out sick to protest vaxx mandate”

  1. The awakening is happening. Too many people are catching on to the con game of these kill shots. What is your health worth, and the health of your soul? Some of our pagan friends are finding out that they are targeted for death, they think body, but forget that the evil one is targeting their souls. We do not care about our body as such, it holds our soul and that is what is important to me. And like a candle, our life is consumed before the face of Christ. I cannot wait for the mornings work for Him, splitting and stacking wood tomorrow, and praying all the morning away.

  2. Media Blackout: It’s Not Just Southwest Airlines – Air Traffic Controllers in Jacksonville Reportedly Walked Out Friday Night Protesting Mandatory COVID Vaccinations Too
    “It’s Being Reported That All Flights In & Out Of Florida Were Cancelled As A Result”

  3. The weather/controller explanation is a perfect example of half truth = full lie. Sure, that may have impacted, but it was the “sick out” that created a multiplier effect which caused the trouble.

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