Deathvaxx is also an achey breaky heart cocktail

Jabbing a vein instead of muscle by mistake, sending billions of viral spikes directly to the heart, might just be problematic, yes?

Remember, latest estimates are that VAERS is only capturing 1% of actual injuries, because there is willful blindness of causality among the converted Covidians. So multiply all these numbers x100:

Reminds me of this post from back in April, the file for which has since been memory holed by google:

143 pages of faces and names of those who died post deathvaxx

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Someone took the VAERS reporting data on death by vaxx, pulled the social media and newspaper headlines surrounding individual cases, and pasted it all into a google doc. Examples follow. Link at the end. Please help spread the word.

5 thoughts on “Deathvaxx is also an achey breaky heart cocktail”

  1. Guys, it all goes into the blood. If injected into the muscle, it goes via the lymphatic system into the blood. If it hits a vein, it’s in the blood. It’s always in the blood.
    Every shot you get into your arm goes into your blood. This is why it makes zero sense to get a shot in your arm for a respiratory virus. C19 ostensibly infects the lungs. The Death Vax, because it turns all your cells, including your blood cells, into Covid 19 producers, disfigures them, and thus clotting and the killing of your immune system begins. Latent viruses in your body and cancers will reappear, etc.
    Please watch this video Dr. Bhakdi from Germany. You’re going to get myocarditis and clots from this shot no matter what, because it will always end up in the blood.

  2. Oh, pshaw! Just coincidence! Look at all the celebrities who tell us the shot is safe and effective. The shot is safe and effective. The shot is safe and effective…

  3. Did anybody manage to back it up or make a PDF? Please???
    (Putting all that stuff in a Google Doc may have been the most futile act in human history. Of course they’re not gonna let it last 5 seconds.)

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