“I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have any gods before Me.” 

That’s the First Commandment, folks.

Today is the two year anniversary of the opening ceremonies of demon worship being enshrined in the Vatican/St. Peter’s by an apostate, demon worshiping antipope.

Demon worshipers can’t be pope. It’s sort of automatically disqualifying. Furthermore, pledging obedience/loyalty to an apostate demon worshiper is a really bad idea. You will be held to account for that.

He’s not Catholic, and he has never been pope. The proofset grows larger by the day. But at the root, it’s because Benedict never validly resigned, and still reigns. Someone in authority needs to do something about it.

Try watching the first two minutes of this:

One thought on ““I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have any gods before Me.” ”

  1. “The prophecies of the Apocalypse [book of Revelation] show that Satan will imitate the Church of Christ to deceive mankind; he will set up a church of Satan in opposition to the Church of Christ. Antichrist will assume the role of Messiahs; his prophet will act the part of Pope; and there will be imitations of the Sacraments of the Church. There will also be lying wonders in imitation of the miracles wrought in the Church.”
    – Rev. Elwood Sylvester Berry, The Church of Christ: An Apologetic and Dogmatic Treatise (1927), p. 119

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