Israeli hospital outbreak, 96% vaccination rates (and universal masking) made no difference. And guess who had mild cases? Hint: not the vaccinated

by Alex Berenson Oct 3

A reader tipped me to this fascinating paper in a peer-reviewed journal about a Covid outbreak in Israel that began in mid-July, just as vaccine failure was accelerating there.

A vaccinated dialysis patient was admitted to Meir Medical Center – a large Israeli hospital near Tel Aviv – with fever and cough. He remained on the dialysis unit for days, as his condition worsened. (One of many problems with overselling the vaccines is that it led to mistakes like this.)

By the time he was diagnosed with Covid-19, he had infected three fellow patients. He also had a PCR threshold of 13.6 – almost impossibly low, showing viral loads roughly 1 million times those in a lightly infected person. He was moved to a Covid-19 ward, where he eventually died (I say he, though the patient’s gender is not revealed; the paper refers to “they).

The paper, published in Eurosurveillance, a journal published by the European Centers for Disease Control, explains that the outbreak rapidly spread among both patients and staff of the hospital’s dialysis unit, the Covid-19 ward, and other wards. At the time, 238 out of 248 of exposed patients and staff had been fully vaccinated with Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine.

Again, the fact that 96 percent of the people in this population had been vaccinated – a level far above early estimates of the percentages required for herd immunity – apparently made no difference.

Further, all patients and staff were required to wear surgical masks when they were in the same room, and staff on the Covid-19 unit wore N95 masks and face shields.

Ultimately, 39 out of the 238 exposed vaccinated people (16 percent) were infected, along with 3 out of 10 unvaccinated people – a difference that doesn’t reach statistical significance because the unvaccinated group is too small. Of the infected, 23 were patients and 19 staff. The staff all recovered quickly. But five patients died and another nine had severe or critical cases. All were vaccinated. The two unvaccinated infected patients both had mild cases.

As the authors explained:

“This communication… challenges the assumption that high universal vaccination rates will lead to herd immunity and prevent COVID-19 outbreaks… In the outbreak described here, 96.2% of the exposed population was vaccinated. Infection advanced rapidly (many cases became symptomatic within 2 days of exposure), and viral load was high.”


4 thoughts on “Israeli hospital outbreak, 96% vaccination rates (and universal masking) made no difference. And guess who had mild cases? Hint: not the vaccinated”

  1. We had our nine months visit to our dentist September 22/2021. Upon arrival I noticed the assistant with her mask on, was seriously red on her fore head. I asked her if she was injured from radiation or a lamp of sorts. No. The girl that cleaned my teeth was all dressed for a nuclear war, and could not see any skin. She asked about if I was “vaxxed”, I said no way as it is poison and did not want to commit suicide. She clamed up very fast. We were done in an hour and Grandma was at the front talking to the dentist’s wife. Grandma says she was very close to the wife for five, ten minutes or so. This lady had just returned from Salt Lake City, USA. As you know what they require now for air travel, a “jab”, masks, all kinds of bull. Close quarters with other jabbed travelers. So, she was jabbed also.
    We have been very careful to not get close to “vaxxed” people, as they shed products that are in this crap they push into them. Graphene oxide, mRNA strands, spike proteins, lipid coated nano particles, and whatever else.
    Grandma and I firmly believe she was spiked by the dentist’s wife. Her dormant chickenpox virus was activated and gave her the shingles she now has. The visit to the dentist was the only anomaly in our lives to this point. I was never close to this woman, and the doctor was masked and clothed, fully. A five-minute conversation with him only.
    Grandma now has shingles on her scalp and neck! This came forward September 26, 27/2021. Now on drugs for the virus that activated. She is very sore and it has taken some toll on her health. Emailed pictures to the doctor with a phone call as a diagnosis! Hands off now doctoring.
    Transfection, and shedding is out there! Please be careful. We now have to tighten up the ship going forward.

    1. Recently I had a “death jab” discussion with the mother of 11 children.
      She explained to me that until the “new covid abnormal” no one in her family had a miscarriage.
      Miscarriages were unheard of in her family.
      Since the introduction of the “covid death jab” 4 of her unvaccinated daughters / daughter in laws have had miscarriages.
      Her family now prohibits anyone who had been “vaxxed” from entering into their homes and other “stay away from jabbed folks precautions” are in place/observed.

  2. It sounds as if it is not providing protection from c-19. Is that what it’s supposed to do? I am still not sure…If it’s supposed to be for protection from c-19, why are they pushing it on those who have recovered from the virus?
    Sounds like it doesn’t work.

  3. The death vaxx is just that, a tool to reduce the surplus population. Those “vaccinated” will eventually die from it and take some of the “unvaccinated “ with them. It is not to provide protection, it is part of the eugenic plan to get rid of the useless eaters.

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