3 thoughts on “Australia! Where SWAT teams hunt the maskless, and 95% of patients hospitalized with Covid are deathvaxxed!”

  1. Spread this story out of Canada everywhere.
    If you read this and still don’t see how much of a scam all of this is, there is no hope for you…
    ” Anyone who stays home with an illness is automatically associated with COVID and counted as being part of the outbreak, Alberta’s chief medical officer said last week.

    Referring to the framework in place to manage “outbreaks” in schools, Hinshaw said, “If individuals choose to not get tested for COVID but are home with an illness, they are now counted in the list as being part of that outbreak, and so it’s less dependent on needing a test to be a part of identifying where there is an issue.”
    According to Hinshaw, if there is an outbreak in an Alberta school, anyone who stays home with an illness and is associated with that outbreak through contact tracing will be counted as part of the numbers for that outbreak.
    Reacting to Hinshaw’s statement made, Levant opined, “To maintain a mass psychology of panic and fear, Alberta’s corrupt public health bureaucrat now automatically counts anyone staying home from any illness as a Covid case.” “

    1. Alright then, you have my attention. But the numbers here are low for information uptick. Just yesterday, out with Grandma, we drove by the regular outdoor testing station in our township. At nine thirty, morning, sixteen vehicles lined up for the scam you speak of. It was like this all summer, and now with this dreaded variant and others coming, there will be more line ups. We are wondering though, how many would be jabbed at this point being tested? This is very sad to see, and now the clamoring for child abuse by needles is going on. Booger bags on children, in sunshine, with parents in tow. Disgusting, and yet, who can we reach? Not those poor souls, many are Godless at any rate. This truly is the flipping of all humanity to the anti-Christ, and his reign of power that God is letting him test us with.
      …and Grandma and I will not submit, ever. A good reminder for some here and elsewhere, to promote St Michael. Thank you.

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