Think you’re safe from vaxx mandates because you work from home? Think again.

Across the transom from a longtime reader. In case you were thinking the vaxx mandates would only apply to the physical workplace, because the rule will be instituted by OSHA, think again. Corporate tyrants are licking their chops to jam the jab down your throat, and they won’t stop just because you work remotely. Start making plans, if you haven’t already.

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  1. I teach online at a tiny university in a tiny European country. I have no physical interaction with anyone. they wanted to know my “immunization status” anyway…

  2. 1st page bottom paragraph they mention variants/breakthrough cases reason is that so many ppl decided not to get vaccinated in the first place….then two sentences down they say their info is based on science not media pasts and devoid of emotion. lmao. The lib that wrote the letter for that company almost pulled it off but just couldn’t quite finish it off w/o admitting the lie.

  3. As I’ve been predicting, the next world war could happen over nations refusing to recognize other nation’s vexxines.
    Don’t tell me you wouldn’t love to see it!
    America: “Your vaccine is dangerous!”
    Russia: “Nyet, your vaccine is the one that is dangerous!”
    China: “Only vaccine made is China is trustworthy! Accept it now or you pay later!”

  4. So a female colleague, 61 years old and double-dosed with the safe and effective industrial waste, has now been off sick for three weeks with an attack of rheumatoid arthritis* so bad that she can’t open a carton of milk or even dress herself. In the interests of full disclosure, I’ll add that her paternal grandmother suffered from the same condition but in the nearly six years I’ve worked with her, she’s never been off sick for any similar reason. Copying the terminology of the comedian who compiled this Employers’ Coercion Charter, I suppose you could say that this poor woman also has “self-separated from the company.”
    *defined as an autoimmune disease whereby your immune system attacks the cells that line your joints.

  5. So the vaccine approved that alters rna and is going to be pushed in every human on earth is named comirnaty.
    Comity: an association of nations for their mutual benefit.
    Yeah no global new world order conspiracy here. Move along lol

  6. I saw this today and it immediately struck me that this is the real game they are playing: “The Internet Of Bodies” (2 minute video). Covid is but a distraction from something much deeper, more sinister. They are “stealing a march” on us while we are distracted by masks and jabs.
    The Borg: “Assimilate. Resistance is futile”. They will never stop until we are all plugged in.
    What struck me from this video is the core theme are these two themes: “It (“Internet Of Bodies”) doesn’t change what we are doing … it changes us”; “It is no longer about freedom of speech, once we can access people’s thoughts and emotions”.
    Covid is but an appetizer. This war is going to be long and unlike anything ever seen before. It is interior, unseen, the devil’s preferred playground. Prayer and fasting and Mass exclusively Tridentine – truly, that is our only hope (and it’s a big one). One way or another, we will never be the same again (not necessarily a bad thing).

    1. fwiw: I’m signing off, ref what I said above.
      I guess I always knew this, but isn’t it interesting that this is the trademark of the web that pulls us all into the “internet of bodies” (as discussed in my link above).
      “Bite the apple! What harm is there in that. Think of all the good you can do by meeting people in “the internet of bodies” and saving them there. Take. Eat.”
      Done. I’m disconnecting … by the grace of God.

  7. This email is intended for all USDA employees.
    ***** Please do not respond to this mailbox. Thank you. *****
    Good afternoon,
    We are writing with an important update about our “no earlier than date” for the return to the physical workplace. As you know, we pushed back the phased return to the workplace, originally set to start on October 1, given the evolving COVID landscape. Today, we can share that the senior leadership cadre (Appointees, SES, SL, ST, SSTS and Senior Foreign Service Officers) will begin to return to the physical workplace on December 1, 2021; other USDA employees are not expected to return to the office in December.
    We will begin our full-fledged return to the workplace for all USDA employees on January 3, 2022. As we have said in the past, returning to the workplace will be a process and, once it begins, we expect it will be a phased approach. We will continue to work with Agencies to develop, finalize and implement their tailored, phased approach – one that includes a thoughtful analysis of workspaces and space utilization, workforce resources and needs, employee work schedules, and internal communications strategies aimed at effectively keeping staff informed prior to and throughout the process. We do not expect employees who will return to the physical workplace to all come back on January 3, 2022, instead that date signals the start of the process. It is important to understand that this revised schedule depends on Agencies and Staff Offices having 1) their formal workplace safety plans in place, 2) satisfying labor relations obligations, 3) providing ample notice to employees, and 4) the status of the pandemic. Also, we know many supervisors are taking into consideration that some employees who are in positions that can be performed remotely will want to continue working remotely. Right now, each Agency and Staff Office is crafting a plan for how it will bring staff back to the workplace starting in January. We have asked agency and staff leadership to center our values as they develop those plans and ensure they are engaging with employees throughout. We anticipate all USDA employees completing the phased return by March 14, 2022, subject to union negotiations.
    We also want to provide some key information about President Biden’s call to duty for Federal Executive Branch employees to lead by example and be fully vaccinated (meaning at least two weeks past the final dose) by no later than November 22, 2021. This change in policy applies to all USDA employees and is essential to limit the spread of COVID-19, including the new and highly contagious Delta variant. which is 60 percent more contagious than the Alpha variant we dealt with last year. The policy is designed to reduce infection rates and contain the global pandemic and relies upon the best available science-based public health measures. All USDA employees getting vaccinated is important to keeping our families, our children, our co-workers, and our customers safe. To reiterate, the expectation is that all USDA employees will be fully vaccinated by November 22nd. Employees may contact their Human Resources Director, reasonable accommodation, or religious accommodation coordinator to request a medical or religious accommodation.
    Thank you to the tens of thousands of USDA employees who have already been fully vaccinated. For those of you who still need to be vaccinated, below are interim deadlines that will ensure you are two weeks from your last does and thus fully vaccinated by the November 22nd deadline. You can visit to find a COVID-19 vaccine near you and learn more about the benefits of vaccinations here.
    • October 11: First dose deadline (Moderna COVID-19 vaccine)
    • October 18: First dose deadline (Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine)
    • November 8: Second dose deadline (Moderna and Pfizer vaccine)
    • November 8: First (only) dose deadline (Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine)
    • November 22: Federal employees must be fully vaccinated
    Please be aware that USDA employees will be required to provide more information about vaccine status, including proof of vaccination. In the coming days, Pandemic Coordinators will be following up with their Agency or Staff Office regarding how we will collect this information in a way that maintains privacy while also meeting new federal reporting requirements.
    As public servants, we put public interest first and do what it takes to keep each other, our communities, and our children safe. Please send any concerns or questions to your Pandemic Coordinator or to
    Secretary Vilsack and Deputy Secretary Bronaugh

  8. To protect the health and safety of the Federal workforce and to promote the efficiency of the civil service, all Federal employees covered by Executive Order 14043 and without a legally required exception need to be fully vaccinated by November 22, 2021, regardless of where they are working. Employees who are on maximum telework or working remotely are not excused from this requirement, including because employees working offsite may interact with the public as part of their duties and agencies may need to recall employees who are on maximum telework or working remotely.

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