7 thoughts on “9/11 in ten minutes”

  1. Watched a program about 9/11 during the week which featured a recording of an emergency call made by a woman: “I’m on the 83rd floor. There’s been an explosion and fire. There’s smoke everywhere and we can’t breathe and it’s very, very, very hot. I’m going to die, aren’t I? I’m going to die. I’m going to die.” And the female despatcher responded “Hold tight. We have units coming to get you. No, you’re not going to die. Stay where you are. Say your prayers, ma’am.” I wonder if that despatcher knew that at that precise moment, she had just given the best possible advice in the world.

    1. There was a woman interviewed on the street in New York City that terrible day who said it was important for everyone to remain calm and pray to St. Michael – another piece of wise advice.

  2. The bastards who perpetrated the 9/11 destruction and murder of innocent people are the same ones who are fomenting the program of tyranny and genocide that is occurring throughout the world today. They need to be strung up and pay for their crimes. Instead, the ignoramuses of the world kowtow to them, wear the mask of submission and allow themselves to be injected repeatedly with poison. God have mercy on us. Immaculate heart of Mary, pray for us.

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