You’re cancelled: Wokism is coming for your bank accounts, mortgage, credit cards…

As I have predicted many times in this space, everything you have is at risk. If you don’t have alternatives lined up, you need to do it right now. Go ahead and review the client agreements currently in place at your personal bank, mortgage lender, credit card issuer, and while you are at it, electricity provider, water provider, etc. I think you’ll find that if you have exercised your First Amendment rights in a way which might slander any of the sacraments of the woke, you are already in breach.

By Just the News staff

Big Tech and woke finance dramatically extended the reach of cancel culture with brazen moves to silence and harass three high-profile voices of political and scientific dissent: independent journalist Alex Berenson, popular conservative news and opinion website The Gateway Pundit, and Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. 

On Saturday, Twitter permanently banned Alex Berenson, who has built a large social media following challenging public health establishment orthodoxy on COVID issues ranging from lockdown to vaccine mandates.

“The account you referenced has been permanently suspended for repeated violations of our COVID-19 misinformation rules,” a Twitter spokesperson responded to an inquiry from Fox News.

In his original offending tweet on the the COVID vaccine, Berenson wrote: “It doesn’t stop infection. Or transmission. Don’t think of it as a vaccine. Think of it — at best — as a therapeutic with a limited window of efficacy and terrible side effect profile that must be dosed IN ADVANCE OF ILLNESS. And we want to mandate it? Insanity.”

Meanwhile, on Thursday search and online advertising giant Google took aim at The Gateway Pundit, a conservative online news and opinion site that is ranked in the top 200 of U.S. websites according to Alexa and in the top 50 of English language news websites, according to a study prepared for media industry news site PressGazette.

“Google demonetized the Gateway Pundit from their ad network,” the site’s founder and editor Jim Hoft reported on Saturday.

“We’re emailing you to let you know that we’ve repeatedly found content on one of your sites that violates our Google Publisher Policies,” the search giant notified Gateway Pundit’s legal department. “As a result we’ll be disabling ad serving on the site … in 4 business days, on 09/012021.”

In explaining its move, Google cited two categories of violations: “Dangerous or derogatory content” and “Misreprentative — Unreliable and harmful claims.”

The third victim of the weekend purge was former Trump National Security Adviser and director of the Defense Intelligence Agency during the Obama administration Michael Flynn, who posted to his Telegram account a notice from Chase Bank notifying him of the cancellation his credit cards.

“After careful consideration, we decided to close your credit cards on September 18, 2021 because continuing the relationship creates possible reputational risk to our company,” read the terse update from the Cardmember Services division of Chase, the banking subsidiary of financial services behemoth JPMorgan Chase. 

“Chase Bank has gone full blown woke!” Flynn posted in reply.

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  1. Chase Bank froze the accounts of French Jews ahead of the Nazi occupation.
    “Meet the new boss; Same as the old Boss.”

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