America Last: Military loses control of Kabul airport ingress, citizens told to stay away

This means that Americans are surely being mowed down in the streets with AK fire, while our troops sit there with RoEs consisting of “use your inside voice.” It’s straight up disgusting, and if you’re not mad as hell, you should be. As each day passes, this operation appears more and more like intentional incompetence. Prove me wrong.

4 thoughts on “America Last: Military loses control of Kabul airport ingress, citizens told to stay away”

  1. The mission is not as important as being inclusive and accepting. Also, they need to be in their safe space. Because the Taliban is scary and there’s a lot of toxic masculinity out there.

  2. The first, most important rule of combat is will to win, will to survive, will to prevail.

    Weapons and tech are not relevant absent will. We see this as ours are taken from us who lack the will by those who have will in abundance.

    Why should America prevail? Why should my sons offer their lives (perhaps I might offer my own life one day)? What is special about Western civilization in general and our American nation in particular? I wonder how Americans answer that question. I don’t think many have an adequate answer and so are, perhaps unwittingly, fully prepared to surrender at the moment of trial.

    When the war began 20 years ago and my patriotic fervor was high, I remember GWBush making a Presidential appearance and appeal to the nation for coming sacrifice. What did he ask of us? “Shop. Get out of your homes, go to the malls and buy things. Make our economy strong so we can fund the war effort abroad”. I kid you not – he said that and only that. That was his answer – what America meant to him as our consensus leader. And then, shortly after, he opened up our southern border to illegal invaders of every stripe for similar reasons: we needed low income workers to feed us and clean up after us. And if a few terrorists snuck across with our future hired help? Well … we need to keep our priorities straight. Consumption first, middle, last: GWBush’s and his RINO pals’ vision for why America was special.

    We’ve come a long way from our founding when the Pilgrims and Chevaliers of France left their homes seeking freedom to worship and thrive as family and community before Almighty God.

    Patriots have never bled and died for the right of their fellows to shop at malls and Amazon.command eat burgers and drink beer. They willingly left hearth and home for some reason. I wonder if any Americans can name those reasons today? Perhaps in the face of the onslaught of totalitarian darkness we are rediscovering those reasons again. The signs are encouraging.

  3. Better yet, the defense department said they knew nothing about this.

    This is shameful, purposeful, and traitorous. The entire administration, all the generals, the state dept need to be removed.

    Where are our representatives?

    We no longer live in a Republic. In case you didn’t realize it over last year’s Covid tyranny, the 2020 election and Trumpian cowardice, or the FBI instigate “riot” which made US citizens enemy number one, we do now.

    How do we respond? Especially as 2/3 of us will get extremely ill from the death jab?

    Lord Jesus, please help us.

    1. I’m afraid you may be right, jmy1975. We’re living in the Twilight Zone. The republic is dead. With Quackcine passports, the possible Balkanization of states, etc. there may be Chinese boots on the ground sooner than we could ever imagine. Pray for the consecration of Russia by Pope Benedict in Union with all faithful bishops!

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