9 thoughts on “WAKE UP”

  1. The last time I had any hope in Trump was when the Ave Maria was performed on a balcony at the White House. As Ann has been saying for years….it’s all kabuki theater. Pray for our nation? Certainly. Vote? I don’t think so.

      1. interesting that she chose to use the vitamin, supplement (and probably HCQ and/or Ivermectin) protocol to bolster her God-given immune system rather than to take the experimental cocktails her husband got. I know it’s reported that the whole Trump family took the jab, but I would seriously doubt that she did….just a feeling.

        And I have NO doubt that the Ave Maria was entirely Melania’s push….Trump goes along with it cause he knows Christianity ‘sells’ to his base. I think she really believes; sadly I think he sees it as a tool.
        All that being said, I’d take him at the helm in a HEARTBEAT.

  2. Only God can, if he chooses, save this nation. We have to stop thinking that some charismatic republican or democrat will be the savior. (Or, some liberal democrat pretending to be a conservative republican). If the United States is allowed to survive to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, the freemasonic heritage, form of government and our triple-x culture will ALL have to be destroyed and replaced with something more humble, charitable and submissive to God’s Will.

  3. Hi All. Was pleasantly surprised seeing a new health care provider today as I recently got on Nevada Medicare. My Guardian Angel was certainly watching over me when I went through the list picking a new provider.

    Arrived at the office. No Covid drill whatsoever. No Covid questions on intake questionnaire. Was told I could take my mask off once I was behind closed door. (Nevada has indoor mask mandate). Saw a physician assistant. When I tested the waters to see where he was coming from he shook his head and said, “We’re living in the Twilight Zone”. He went on to say the truth cannot get out because very evil people are in power. He said many in the medical community who want to practice good medicine cannot because they are suppressed. He castigated the corrupt governor of this state as well as all the corruption in the hospitality/sports industry. He said his boss, the physician, was of like mind. He did not even suggest I take the vaccine because it sounds like I have natural immunity. He himself has not taken the jab.

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