As predicted in this space for over a year: “The vaccine causes the virus to be more dangerous”

Steve Bannon and Dr. Malone get right to the point.

You only need to watch the first three minutes.

“Antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) is a worse case scenario for virologists as the vaccine is causing the virus to be more infectious than in the absence of the unvaccinated and would cause the virus to replicate at higher levels. This is the vaccinologist worst nightmare”

“This happened with the Respiratory syncytial virus in the 1960’s and caused more child deaths with vaccine recipients than the unvaccinated and its happened with pretty much every other coronavirus vaccine development program, certainly we know the history and its what vaccinologist like myself have been warning about.”

Please review and share with friends and loved ones:

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27 thoughts on “As predicted in this space for over a year: “The vaccine causes the virus to be more dangerous””

  1. It’s too late. All my family and friends have gotten the death 💀 VAXX against my wishes. I’m the only holdout.

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    1. Sadly you are not alone. My family has as well. Even after I warned them and several family members started experiencing strange side effects like heavy nose bleeds, loss of balance, chronic head aches, etc….

      I can’t even get them to take mitigating supplements like NAC or Dandelion extract. They’d rather wallow in denial and suffering.

    2. Pray and fast for them. Ask for the holy family to wrap their mantles of protection over them. As St. Michael to defend them. Ask your guardian angel to assist their guardian angels. And, last but not least, ask God to forgive them of their sins, the sins they knowingly committed and the sins they are ignorant of.

  2. My mother in law is badgering my husband and I to get it, otherwise we are being “irresponsible and inconsiderate of others,” among other unsavory accusations.

    Not gonna happen. If she wants to play Russian Roulette with an experimental vaccine, that’s all on her.

  3. Mark….this is REALLY important, and a vital must-see. Dr. Zelenko is the founder of the Zelenko Protocol; the REAL therapeutic drug /vitamin cocktail that has saved countless lives over the course of this plandemic. He is BRILLIANT, and holds nothing back in this 30-of-the-most-vital-and-important-minutes you will spend this year. Seriously. This is the definitive address on the vaccinations (that aren’t), and gives you all the info you need to have eyes fully opened. And PLEASE consider spreading this link far and wide (while we still can)….this NEEDS TO BE SEEN. (audio gets a little wonky in spots, but it clears up….just stick with it)

  4. Every Coronavirus “vaccine” or injection produced over the last 60 years has done the same thing re: ADE. The difference is that they weren’t promoted as safe by money grubbing power hungry “doctors” and oligarchs and their useful idiot in the White House (Trump). Bonus: if you don’t get Covid with the death jab you’ll get….blood clots, mental illness, sterility, heart attacks, heart failure, hemorrhages, Parkinson’s, and on and on. Death will come sooner than normal.

    I didn’t have Ivermectin, because I cannot afford it now (ahem), but last week I had the dreaded delta variant. How do I know? Well I couldn’t taste or smell, I had a sore throat, I had flu like aches and pains. It didn’t whip me, I functioned well. Just a very very light cold.

    We have been brainwashed into fearing death from a cold. This is only accomplished in a world that doesn’t believe in God, who gives us common sense.

      1. I have relatives who came down with symptoms. Felt terrible. Knew about Ivermectin (because I’ve told them) but forgot about it when they needed it.

        Thankfully, one of them messaged me that they were feeling bad, and one was feeling really bad – as sick as he’s ever been. And I reminded them – “Ivermectin. Don’t forget to take your Ivermectin. Find someone to get you some apple flavored horse paste, right away”!

        Which they did. Started feeling better the next day. They feel completely fine, three days later. 😎

        Thank you Mark. Thank you Ann.

    1. Buy the horse Ivermectin, the apple flavored paste. Take enough for a 250 pound horse, wait 48 hours, and take another dose. I know horses weigh more than 250, but the applicator is measured off that way, and a 250 pound horse dose works for someone about 150-200 pounds. I have been taking it one week a month (one dose and then a second after 48 hours during the first week of the month) since May. No colds, no coughs.

  5. Don’t trust Dr. Robert Malone. Listen closely to what he said in the video.

    1. He is a huge supporter of the COVID vaccination. On other videos, he has admitted to taking the COVID shot already. He suffers from “long COVID,” according to him.

    2. His description of the cause Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) in this video does not sound right. He states that because the Pfizer vaccine was less potent, the immunity gained from it is “waning.” He states that because the Pfizer vaccine’s power is “waning” that ADE is beginning to occur in people who took the Pfizer shot. Using logic, then, one would expect the “solution” to the “waning” vaccine will be to get a “booster” shot so that the vaccination is no longer “waning.” This is the opposite of what people should do.

    He has taken the shot. He admits he still supports the COVID vaccination programs. He is the inventor of the technology behind the J&J shot. His logic makes no sense when you understand what really causes ADE. And his solution to the problem of ADE will be to get a booster to prevent your immunity from “waning.”

    The guy is likely controlled opposition. Do not trust him.

    1. I love the contrarian view.

      The primary issue for me has always been not whether it works it not. As bad as murdered baby stem lines are, even they are not the primary issue. The primary issue for me is mRNA tech itself. This, to me, is as momentous as nuclear fission discoveries. Through this technology, humanity has chosen to act on creatures made by God, and who are made by God to be in His own image, to act upon them st the essential core of who they are – which is within the profoundly and infinitely complex and unique DNA molecular core.

      mRNA is a gateway to profound evil.

      I knew when I saw this movie, Gattica, that it was entertaining because it was prophetic. THAT is us – given time.

      One of my favorite all time movies,

      1. Yes, breaking the First Commandment, by creating the homunculus, has always been the occultist’s dream. That is what the mRNA and Crisper/CAS9 technologies attempt to do. Satan loves to use his minions to pretend to do what only the Holy Trinity can pull off.

        But, the breaking the Fifth Commandment is has its own history among the worshipers evil. Much of the OT warns us of sacrificing our children to Moloch/Satan in return for material benefit.

        Either way, bad stuff. Stay away from homunculus-creating, dead-baby-consuming “vaccines.”

        And I agree about Gattaca.

    2. Yup, controlled opposition. He’s half right and can argue for boosters. The real argument is this: natural immunity trumps all vaccines. If infected, and its bad, HCQ, IVM, Zinc, Vitamin D will do wonders.

      The average age of death of a person with the Wuhan flu was the same as without the flu. Mortality did not increase last year.

      The controlled opposition concedes a truth to promote the opposite. It is a form of manipulation. No one wants to be “anti Vax” even if they know they’re anti that Vax.

      Vaccines don’t prevent infections, they prevent symptoms. Colds are highly mutating viruses as old as humanity. Exposure to them increases immunity.

      As usual, those at risk for Covid 19 are the same ppl at risk for the flu, pneumonia, etc.

      This is the biggest hoax in history..

  6. PNF – I have a PhD in biology and at one time taught microbiology to nursing students – I agree with your comment 100 percent. If a person really wants to understand ADE, in my opinion “Dr. T” gives the best explanation.

      1. Hi Mark. I wrote and shared the following in an email to my family a few months ago:


        ADE = Antibody Dependent Enhancement. ADE happens when your immune system overreacts to a virus and you die not from the virus itself but from your body’s own immune response.

        Neutralizing vs Non-Neutralizing Antibodies = See this explanation:

        Antibody-dependent enhancement and SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and therapies

        “ADE has been observed in SARS, MERS and other human respiratory virus infections including RSV and measles, which suggests a real risk of ADE for SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and antibody-based interventions. However, clinical data has not yet fully established a role for ADE in human COVID-19 pathology. Steps to reduce the risks of ADE from immunotherapies include the induction or delivery of high doses of potent neutralizing antibodies, rather than lower concentrations of non-neutralizing antibodies that would be more likely to cause ADE.”

        Any COVID-19 vaccine would likely cause ADE, unless the vaccines produces “high doses of potent neutralizing antibodies.” If the vaccines produce non-neutralizing antibodies, the risk for ADE, and death, is increased.

        So let’s see what type of antibodies (neutralizing vs non-neutralizing) are produced by the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

        The plasmablast response to SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination is dominated by non-neutralizing antibodies that target both the NTD and the RBD

        “Our data provide important new insights into these responses in comparison with immune responses to natural infection. Indeed, SARS-CoV-2 infection results in a very heterogeneous antibody response to the spike protein in terms of antibody quantity. In contrast, mRNA vaccination appears to induce a high antibody response of relatively homogenous titers. However, we also found that vaccines generate more non-neutralizing antibodies than COVID-19 survivors resulting in a worse ratio of neutralizing to binding antibodies.”

        The mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Modera) produce primarily non-neutralizing antibodies. The First Article said that the non-neutralizing antibodies were the cause of ADE in previous Coronavirus vaccines.

        So according to the two peer-reviewed scientific journals written within the last 12 months, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines will likely cause deaths related not to the coronavirus itself, but to the ADE immune response in people who took those vaccines. The deaths will be blamed, by the government and media, on “COVID variants.” This will be a lie. The vaccines will be to blame for the excess deaths.

        Most importantly, because a higher ratio of neutralizing to non-neutralizing antibodies will help suppress the immune overreaction, it is likely that Convalescent plasma antibodies, because they are produced from the blood of COVID survivors, will be the best treatment for those people suffering from vaccine-induced ADE.

        It is best not to take these unnecessary COVID vaccines. COVID can be prevented by taking Ivermectin or HydroxyChloroquine. It can also be treated with those same drugs if treatment starts early. But for those who have already taken these dangerous, experimental vaccines, if they find themselves getting severely sick with ADE-like symptoms, they should ask to receive convalescent plasma antibodies.

      2. Thanks PNF…that was an outstanding summary. the convalescent plasma antibody treatment that you reference; is that the BAM therapy?

    1. Not sure who Dr. T is, although I’ve heard a lot of really good testimony from a lot of good doctors … lonely beacons among the quack religious true Covid believers.

      But this Doctor is my latest favorite. Doc from the Indiana heartland, stands there with his hands in his pockets, speaking without notes. Everyone has seen this by now, surely. But – if not here he is: Dr. Dan Stock.

  7. Dear Aqua, Dr. T is Dr. Tenpenny. You can do a search and find her website. She has a lot of excellent information. She also testified at a hearing before the Ohio Assembly this summer and spoke against the mandating of vaccines.

    1. Yeah, I was looking around trying to figure out the identity of the mysterious Dr. T when I came to one of my favorite blogs – Dr. Tenpenny on Telegram. Duh. Of course, I just read her every day.

      You’re right, she’s really good, and one of the first to put herself out there against the stream of Covidism fanatics.

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