4 thoughts on “The more you know: Compare and Contrast”

  1. “Something” made me very sick last February and I was sick for the entire month. Two weeks in bed with your typical flu like symptoms combined with the shortness of breath. Two weeks to regain my strength and another week before I was able to go back to work. Was it “COVID”? – my Doctor thinks it was – but it was quite an ordeal. Thanks be to God I made a full recovery and hopefully have natural immunity. Unfortunately, I’m now being pressured to get the so-called vaccine by co-workers and family. I will not comply.

  2. Dr. Peter McCullough, cardiologist and internist, also now very experienced in treating Covid patients, says absolutely do not get the shot post-Covid, which you probably had. Covid is unique, not like colds, the flu. It feels different. It hits you right in the chest, and it feels like inflammation, not congestion. You are short of breath and weak as a kitten for quite a while, for us, one month. Loss of taste and smell are giveaways, and it’s not subtle, you know it. Have your doctor write you a script for a blood test for antibodies, simple. Then you know. Keep that paper. If anyone has the paper that shows they had Covid, they should keep it.
    Natural immunity, as Dr. McCullough explains, as well as Dr. Vladimir Zelenko and Dr. Bhakdi, is better than whatever the shot gives people.

  3. That being said, antibodies can fade in fact, but T-cell and B-cell immunity go on. It is expensive to test for those, but a check for antibodies is easier. Consensus is natural immunity is the way to go. Dr. McCullough says once you have it a Covid patient can cough in your face and you won’t get it. In France, they are trying to get Covid so as to avoid the tyranny of the government. We are in an age of insanity.

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