Here it comes: NYC mandates deathvaxx for restaurants, gyms, theaters… and they say it’s just the “first step” (think supermarkets, drug stores, hospitals)

By AMANDA EISENBERG 08/03/2021 09:29 AM EDT

NEW YORK — Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to announce a new policy Tuesday that requires residents to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination to dine inside restaurants, work out at a gym, attend a play or go out dancing, a city official said.

De Blasio’s announcement marks one of the most aggressive steps taken by an elected official to combat a rise in Covid-19 cases caused by the Delta variant. In late July, the mayor mandated that unvaccinated city hospital workers and clinical staff at the city health department submit to a weekly Covid-19 test — a move first reported by POLITICO — and that city employment for new hires is contingent on vaccination.

An official described the move as just a first step toward a wider vaccine requirement in the nation’s biggest city.

“The mayor is now 100 percent [on board] and aggressively pushing vaccine certification,” said a City Hall official familiar with the discussions, who asked for anonymity to speak ahead of the formal announcement. “[De Blasio] wants it for everything indoors — public and private — but obviously has to scale implementation and expects a lot of pushback.”

The official added that New York City wants to “lead the nation in this regard.”

5 thoughts on “Here it comes: NYC mandates deathvaxx for restaurants, gyms, theaters… and they say it’s just the “first step” (think supermarkets, drug stores, hospitals)”

  1. Government will fine businesses or take away grants from places not mandating vaccinations. This is textbook fascism.

    By the way, the company that is contracted to make the tracking app in the U.K. Is owned by the Nazi family that owns BMW and employed hundreds of thousands of slaves during WW2.

    There is nothing new under the sun.

  2. This is getting beyond ridiculous. In Ann’s latest post she references pope Francis banning non-vaxd from mass. Does anyone have a link to what she’s referencing? I was under the impression non-vaxd had to where mask but I’m wondering if there was more development to that.

  3. So how is this going to be enforced? Random police spot checks at the business establishments? Is the NYPD that overstaffed? OR will he create a brand new Inspection Department to siphon more grift?

  4. All of this, every bit, is because one man, Donald Trump, who is either stupid, weak, or evil, allowed it. He was the katechon, he had that power, and he failed. Francis was the moral rot, and Obama started the worldwide political rot. But the mandates , lockdowns, enhanced power of the Globalists and our governors, and especially the Death Vaxxes, are all because of Trump.

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