5 thoughts on “Need a little pick me up? I’ve got seven minutes of video just for you.”

  1. Thank you Mark. More goodness from the SSPX.

    Now if we could shut up the folks in homoland, Ferndale, Mi who are trying their best to destroy the reputation of the SSPX maybe Ferndale could be converted.

    1. I had to look up Ferndale, MI and WOW, I was not prepared for what I read. What kind of “Catholic” organization that calls itself “Church Militant” operates out of a town known as a haven for alphabet soup people and a proud reputation for “progressive” politics. That should be a red flag for anyone still donating to those charlatans and following them on social media.

  2. A very inspiring video, thank you Mark for sharing. As things start to shake-out, the SSPX is looking more and more like the true remnant Church. I would recommend the faithful consider the Society in their prayers and donations – the seminaries especially.

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