5 thoughts on “India crushed Covid using ivermectin, and you can too”

  1. Help your body. Just finished picking the garden, beans, potatoes, peas, cucumbers, beets. We have container bush beans two years in a row and they are fantastic. We row them as we have plenty of room. If you live in a city, they will be great for you to grow in a plastic container on a patio or balcony. They produce mightily. Only about twelve to eighteen inches high.

    Seeds from, https://www.reneesgarden.com/products/bean-bush-container-french-mascotte
    This company is solid and we use a lot of heirloom seeds and we now have a five year seed bank in our cold storage.

    Have a Blessed Sunday, all is ready for that.

      1. Jeffers.com. Just bought another 500 ml last night….$85, no shipping. But they can’t/won’t ship to California.

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