Israel just banned unvaccinated citizens from going to any public place with more than 100 people… so like, everywhere.

Listen to the Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett explain the new rules and tell me it it not supremely ironic that this is happening in Israel:

“The unvaxxed will also be required to quarantine for a week after traveling and everyone, regardless of vaccination, will be required to mask up once again.

“Note that he is primarily addressing young people between 12 and 30 who are statistically not at risk from the Rona and who may rightly believe the effective-yet-still-experimental vaccines isn’t in their best long-term interest.”

7 thoughts on “Israel just banned unvaccinated citizens from going to any public place with more than 100 people… so like, everywhere.”

  1. We keep wondering how this happens, and I keep saying: it’s not about what is lawful, it’s about the will to do it. Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Amin, Obama, didn’t have majority support. They had very little support. They had the will, the audacity, to do it.

    Similarly our technocrats and oligarchs do whatever they want because they have the will. When they come across egomaniacs like Trump, who unleashed their vaccines on the world, they just laugh.

    Unless Christians have the will to say no and fight, this world will only get worse.

  2. It is amazingly ironic, so ironic it breaks the scales of ironic measurement, that the Jewish nation (!) is identifying and isolating government defined social outcasts, as destructive to everyone else in the nation who is good because the outcasts are selfish, dangerous, inhuman, “other” – mandating that shots be administered to these people against their will – in the name of science and bureaucratically efficient cleansing of the population of these disease carrying undesirables.

    Identify, isolate, penalize, compel, disappear them all.

    Wow, Israel! But you are not alone, it seems. This appears to be the method of the little totalitarians everywhere. But …. Israel! I’m actually shocked.

  3. I am inspired to see the push-back in Italy and France against this latest stage of covidism. May this be the start of the death of freemasonry there and the restoration of the monarchies. I ask those reading, do you think that the American people will also push back en-masse like we’re seeing in these two European counties? As for Israel… I have no words.

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