“The FakeNews on the “Vaccines” of Vaccinists. Beware of the garbage.”

22 July 2021 Posted by Marco Tosatti

Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, a couple of days ago, sitting drinking a coffee in an outdoor bar, I heard this sentence: “It is the unvaccinated who create the variants”. I turned to see which scientist had said it, and it was a boy between twenty and thirty, beard, shorts, pigtail… in short, a type of person to whom you would have given credit with a greater critical sense. But evidently the manure spread by television and mass media such as Corriere, Stampa, Repubblica and so on has really entered circulation. Yesterday I happened upon this article by Silvana De Mari , which I gladly relaunch, advising you to do the same, with copy and paste, and on social media. Enjoy the reading.


This pile of garbage is running on social media:

“So perhaps it is clearer explained in an elementary way.”

I am vaccinated

I come into contact with the Delta variant

I catch a cold

But I don’t reply to the virus

The virus dies after a few days

On the days when the virus is not yet dead, I get in touch with you and pass the virus on to you

If you are vaccinated

You don’t replicate the virus

The virus, which has a life of a few days, dies definitively

If you are not vaccinated

The virus multiplies

By replicating it can change

The mutation is random

One of these mutations can produce a variant resistant to the antibodies produced with the vaccine


If we are all vaccinated, we do not replicate the virus, the virus cannot mutate, and after a while it disappears.

If many are not vaccinated, the virus replicates, then mutates, hence the risk of a “bad” variant

If you understand the concept, copy and paste on your home page

# stop the virus # “

This is the answer

“I SHARE !!!

“So perhaps it is clearer explained in an elementary way.”

Let’s imagine a vaccinated person telling us

I am vaccinated

I come into contact with the Delta variant,

which is basically a cold,

I catch a cold just as you do when you are not vaccinated

since the vaccine and the so-called vaccines in the face of deadly side effects

even fatal ones give temporary and partial immunity,

very temporary and very partial and only decrease the symptoms by a maximum of 25%

as demonstrated by an article by Peter Doshi published on 4 January in the British Medical Journal

in which the author explains the very poor efficacy of vaccines

Comirnaty of BioNTech / Pfizer and mRNA-1273 of Moderna.

Here is the link, so that anyone will talk to you without putting the links of what he claims

he’s not making it easy for you, he’s making fun of you.

Just like you I reply the virus, indeed the viruses, billions,

Because if I have a cold that is a disease,

it means that the virus, indeed the viruses, plural, billions, are duplicating themselves

If it were not so I would not have the disease,

thinking you can have a state of disease without viral replication is idiotic,

Having a disease without replication is a contradiction in terms.

To say it is not to make it simple, it is to violently tease you.

If I had contracted the disease and were cured of it, I would have the necessary antibodies not to take the virus, not to duplicate it, therefore not to get sick and not to transmit it.

The key to the system, those who allow herd immunity as has always happened in the history of epidemics, are not the vaccinated but the cured, so it is necessary to immediately remove the restrictions, treat those who get sick with vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, zithromycin, aspirin, hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin, cortisone and heparin and the disease disappears.

The restrictions make it endemic. Vaccination does not give herd immunity, makes the disease endemic and selects variants in the face of deaths and invalids.

In the days when viruses duplicate themselves inside me, I can transmit the disease exactly like an unvaccinated person, Professor Lopalco also serenely explained it on television, vaccinated doctors have infected entire wards.

These days are necessary because my immune system takes time to manufacture the necessary antibodies since those provided by the vaccine are insufficient and, in the face of deadly side effects, even deadly, and with long-term effects still unknown, they give temporary and partial immunity. , very temporary and very partial.

If I contract the virus immediately after vaccination I actually get sick more, as it goes without saying, because vaccination and the so-called RNA vaccination cause a state of disease (this is the meaning of vaccination, an antigenic stimulation to cause an antibody response , that is a state of disease that impoverishes the organism of its normal defenses) and in this disease the organism is more susceptible to infections, more capable of contracting and transmitting them.

This is why he never gets vaccinated during an outbreak.

Added to this is the phenomenon of viral interference.

This is the reason for the Bergamo massacre and this is why today in Great Britain 60% of the dead are vaccinated with two doses.

Greg G. Wolff, epidemiologist who deals with the health surveillance sector of the armed forces, in a study published in the journal “Vaccine” Influenza vaccination and interference with respiratory viruses among Department of Defense personnel during the 2017-2018 flu season indicates that getting the flu shot may increase the risk of contracting other respiratory viruses due to a phenomenon known as ‘viral interference’.

The data reported in the article show that those who are vaccinated against the flu have an increased risk of contracting the Coronavirus by 36%.

The link is here https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31607599/ .

I have already mentioned that it is true that those who do not link you are not making it easy by treating you like a stupid child, but they are making fun of you.

I, a vaccinated person, come into contact with you, I transmit the virus to you like everyone else,

If you are vaccinated you will contract it as peacefully as I have

You replicate the virus exactly like an unvaccinated and as I did, vaccinated by contracting a cold, which is a disease

If you are vaccinated

The virus multiplies inside you, but since you are vaccinated some antibodies against the standard virus you have it, so the standard virus duplicates less and you select the variants.

The vaccine produces few antibodies for the standard virus and none for the variants so it selects them.

Only those who have passed the virus truly have the antibodies, a stream of antibodies as beautiful and strong as the winged hussars at the Battle of Vienna, and exterminate everyone before variants can form.


If we are all vaccinated, we will multiply the viruses in circulation

the virus will tend to mutate, and sooner or later we will have a really dangerous virus, while the standard SRAS 2 covid 19 has a mortality of 0.3% which drops below 70 years to 0.05%

If many are not vaccinated the virus attacks them,

98% will heal on their own without symptoms, in other cases, if taken immediately with the necessary care, it is treated very well

Only widespread vaccination increases the risk of generating a “bad” variant

If you understand the concept, copy and paste on your home page

#stop the virus #no the vaccine

Doctor Silvana De Mari, surgeon who takes responsibility for every syllable of the above, who is, together with countless colleagues, treating and healing the covid.

Ps: everything that circulates on the Internet without a signature is garbage


2 thoughts on ““The FakeNews on the “Vaccines” of Vaccinists. Beware of the garbage.””

  1. Isn’t it strange that we are not hearing any statistics on the amount of breakthrough re-infections of people who have naturally attained immunity? It’s because our immune system develops antibodies that quickly sterilize and prevent replication of the virus and a wide range of it’s variants, thus providing herd immunity in a relatively short amount of time if Mother Nature is allowed to take it’s course. With these “vaccines” allowing infection, but reduced symptoms, a pathway is being set up for the deadlier mutations to develop and spread.
    You know that if breakthrough re-infections of people with naturally attained immunity was more, or even the same, as the breakthroughs of vaccinated people, the media would be shouting it from the rooftops…

  2. Another thought:
    How many vaccinated people have natural antibodies from also having Covid already (many without even knowing it)? These people will have sterilizing immunity but the vaccine will get the credit. Take these people out of the vaccinated group and vaccine data gets much worse…

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