Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time: “Woe to the shepherds”

Following is the First Reading to be spoken in every Novus Ordo church in the world, tonight and tomorrow:

3 thoughts on “Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time: “Woe to the shepherds””

  1. I noticed this a day ago, Mark. Providentially timed.

    Of course, on the day that the conclave ended that elected John XXIII, the Eastern Rite Epistle was from II Thessalonians, chapter two, where St. Paul speaks of the apostasy coming first and the man of sin being revealed. Somebody else can interpret that one!

  2. Wow! It’s almost as if the Divine Providence saw yesterday coming back in 1969 and arranged this reading to wake up the faithful novus ordo in the pews and bitch-slap their clergy.

  3. Just read on ‘Eccles is Saved’ (GREAT blog btw), and I checked this out for myself and confirm it, that Traditionis Custodes is a PERFECT anagram of….are you ready for this?, cause I poop you not…..
    “Ass! Idiot! Destruction!”


    satan KNOWS Latin better than any of the poofsters in red in Rome, and this has his signature allllll over it, and he’s laughing his cloven hooves off at them and the brazenness of it all.

    Ass! Idiot! Destruction!

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