MUST WATCH: “Vax Longhaulers” are fighting back, need your help… epic, tragic testimony to be seen and shared

They all got vaxxed. They all got sick. They are suffering, they can’t get help, no one will acknowledge the deathvaxx has injured them. Because nothing and no one shall disrupt the “safe and effective” narrative. You only need to watch the first two minutes of this video to understand. Please share widely. Link to their full site is at the bottom.

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We are your moms, dads, brothers, and sisters, spouses and friends. We are suffering, often silently, with confusing, troubling symptoms that the current medical system hasn’t addressed. It might look like we’re okay, but we are not.

A certain percentage of people – in the thousands – who had the covid vaccine are suffering with debilitating symptoms. Our lives, in many cases, have been ruined with terrifying symptoms, leaving many of us with the inability to work. The widespread general denial – even bullying – of those facing symptoms is making matters worse.

We continuously find doctors who do not know how to help, as this is not yet a recognized issue by the CDC and FDA. Many doctors even refuse to see us, if the vaccine is mentioned as a possible cause.

We each believed the science, and did our social duty to help stop the pandemic. Now, in return, we ask that you acknowledge these adverse reactions, that you help us where possible, and that you help us press for desperately needed medical research and attention.

We firmly refuse to be dragged into the political debates surrounding the pandemic, yet many of us are afraid to speak out due to intense social pressures and denialsThousands of us have gathered online to try and help each other. Our websites and groups have been deleted and the sufferers have been told that no such reactions to the vaccines exist. Some of us have been fired from our jobs for just sharing our experience. Some of us have been fired from our doctors for just mentioning the vaccine.

Even though we’ve been called names and bullied, and we’re scared to tell our stories – we must. So many are continuing to struggle physically, and we can’t do this alone.

We need your help. Our aim are these – and only these – points:

  1. Raise awareness so our medical issues will be acknowledged,
  2. Help others like us who are suffering from many months of symptoms, and
  3. Work with the medical community to bring resources and solutions for a cure.

Please, recognize our pain. Please share our stories! Please help bring pressure for this issue to be heard, and to be solved. Please don’t treat us like outcasts, but like someone suffering the medical effects of this terrible pandemic.

We thank you! We appreciate you! And we look forward to rejoining you when we are healthy again.

Media Contact: Background sources available for audio interviews and fact-checking.

Contact: | 434-299-3929

6 thoughts on “MUST WATCH: “Vax Longhaulers” are fighting back, need your help… epic, tragic testimony to be seen and shared”

  1. The Communist Medical Establishment expects you to see this as a resounding success! Considering that these people are still alive and not dead from covid. Such ingratitude must be frowned upon, safely, from behind your two masks and the additional benefits of a face shield.

  2. And all this because a lie was perpetrated, lying to people going forward, thus breaking the eight commandment. There are consequences for doing that, and where are our Catholic leaders in all this again? Silent to the lie. Truly disgusting, never mind the booger bags in church, and pushing the juice jab, how can these clerics live with themselves. Too late for these hapless humans now, and somewhere we, the remnant will have to do some dirty cleanup labor for mankind in the future.

  3. The hypocrisy and lies are mind-numbing. The governor of Ohio is promising more handouts to induce people to get the killer-shots. Is this all about money or power/control or both? I believe that people need to cut the cord and cancel their cable TV subscriptions and clear their minds of the propaganda and brain-washing. For an excellent video, log on to and click the top banner to listen to the interview with Dr. Zelenko. Pray for his conversion, also. Kyrie eleison.

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