45 Year Old Johns Hopkins Hospital Employee Dies After Reaction To Mandatory Covid Shot

“Another tragic story and this time it involves a 45 year old woman from the state of Maryland. Robin Spring Saunders had accepted an employment position with John Hopkins Hospital. She was a certified medic and was looking forward to working with autistic children at the hospital. Part of the hiring process for Robin however, included a mandatory covid shot.”

From the author of this piece: “If you or a loved one have had a reaction to a covid shot, please contact me. There are many stories that deserve to be heard.”


13 thoughts on “45 Year Old Johns Hopkins Hospital Employee Dies After Reaction To Mandatory Covid Shot”

  1. I have been told before that I am too unsympathetic and too rigid…

    But my only commentary on this is that something is only “mandatory” if you are afraid to accept the consequences of choosing. She died because she was weak. We still need to pray for her, but we should not canonize her.

  2. Such a terrible and sad story. It’s likely she had to sign waivers to hold the hospital and drug companies harmless – from what I read, getting this procedure is always prefaced by signing such forms. Poor children, left without their mother and probably with no settlement or insurance. Does anyone with any sense still doubt this is pure evil?

  3. Feast of St Bonaventure
    14 July, 2021 A. D.

    Johns Hopkins should (nevertheless, UrielA.) be held to account. It had no right to force her on pain of loss of livelihood to receive the deathvaxx, and now should be made to compensate her family. Let that be a warning to all, the real killers by the way, Miss Psaki, who would deathvaxx and guinea pig their employees and everyone else. Three year olds deathvaxxed? Not on my watch.

    Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

    1. Oh most certainly, they must be held to account. But in holding them to account, we must never fall into the trap our Enemy has laid for us.

      There is ALWAYS a choice, however unfair or difficult that choice may be.

      1. I agree with you. Completely.

        However … there is also the idea that none of us know how *we* will respond in time of crisis and testing until the trial is upon us. We don’t even know what shape the trial will be, much less when it will be.

        I see stories like hers and wonder what I’d do with seven hungry mouths to feed? And then, too, future trials may involve more than just a “nudge”. What, when violence is involved?

        Theory, in the comfort of one’s normal life is one thing. Being alive on the battlefield in the midst of chaos and casualties is a whole ‘nuther thing. So from THAT perspective, I do indeed sympathize with her.

      2. I am very much not saying that I would do better. We pray every day, “lead us not into temptation”, right? And many bible translations have that as “do not put us to the test” for good reason. What I am saying is that she is responsible for her actions, and her choices, as are we all. We can pray that she, and we, receive mercy; but this was not merely inflicted upon her, she cooperated in permitting it.

        Volitionality makes all the difference. In this case, we can pray that she be forgiven, but we cannot say it was not her fault. Just as in our own lives, we pray we are forgiven our sins and other less than wise decisions, that God’s mercy withhold the justice; but we still deserve the justice.

      3. And it struck me, after writing this, Barnhardt’s latest is an example of exactly the kind of coming personal trial I’m talking about, complete with example of one who (at least for now) has fallen on the wrong side.


        Startling stuff. But no surprise if we truly believe in what we profess – a battlefield which involves true (because they are eternal) casualties.

        There is some serious stuff coming at us, and coming fast. Best be prepared and get your spiritual weapons ready for a test the like of which few have ever experienced – if for no other reason that we will not be accompanied by Shepherds of Holy Mother Church in this one. It is going to be ugly. These examples are just harbingers. Nothing more. True trials are still over the horizon – the drums are getting louder.

  4. I’ve been seeing obituaries lately for an awful lot of teens and 20-somethings. Cause of death is of course not mentioned.

    1. There is also an uptick in car crashes. I think the jab not only hurts your body but your brain. It infects every cell of your body…

    1. Are they really rushing to get jabbed? I’m seeing reports that the whole country is erupting in loud protest over this: and how ironic that this is happening on the satanic Bastille Day holiday. I’d love to think this could be the spark that wakes France up, leading to the destruction of freemasonry there and the ultimate restoration of the monarchy. Les martyrs Vendeeans, prions pour nous. Dieu le Roi!!!!

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