Holo-cough Denial: Complete moral collapse of the entire medical field described in full detail

The things you will learn in just the first twenty minutes will stun you. You think you already know the real? Yeah, I did too. Absolutely jaw-dropping information. Thanks to Ann, Nurse Claire, Dr. Beep.

Barnhardt Podcast #150: Holo-cough Denial


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LANGUAGE ALERT for this episode!

In this episode, Nurse Claire and Dr. Beep join Ann for a no-holds-barred truth drop on the real state of affairs on the front lines of the Holo-cough. And yes, the word “Zombies” might be the largest-font word in the word cloud. Folks, the glassy-eyed cultic denial and active suppression and concealment of glaring, objective reality among medical professionals is something so far beyond the Twilight Zone that it is difficult to adequately describe. Brace for a very, very bad turn come late September-early October when the next cold-flu season starts. And get your cataracts fixed and that dental work done NOW.

UPDATE: Listener feedback

Terrific podcast, Ann. I’ve been an RN for 44 years (a 3 yr hospital based diploma RN, then went back for a BSN) and am seeing a lot of the same zombie-groupthink Covidcon buy-in as Nurse Claire and Dr Beep are describing, among my own co-workers. Complete lack of critical thinking, even rationality. I plan to retire this fall at 67, and can’t wait to get away as I am so ashamed of what healthcare has become. Nothing has made sense from the beginning of this scam, it was obviously a psyop. The buyin from nurses doesn’t surprise me, as I have seen the professional educational standards lowered drastically, and, sorry, but my experience has been that most women do not think, they FEEL, and are extremely personal in their ability to relate. But to see doctors go along with this is depressing. It’s all about the money, and sadly “healthcare” is no longer controlled by medical-clinical people. Business people and managers run it, and, again, my experience has been the more clinical and medically competent you are, the more they marginalize and dislike you. They think medicine and healthcare is “Best Practices” and “Clinical Pathways”, and one doctor or nurse is just the same as any other, regardless of experience and competence. We are labor units, and are to shut up and do as they tell us, no matter if it is safe or even do-able. And the politicians and bureaucrats have hijacked the professional prestige and esteem the public has had for clinical practitioners, and put it in service of a complete global takeover.

And THANKS to Nurse Claire on her “Hee-ro!!” observations. It is nauseating. I am a professional RN, and I know I do good work, and have worked circles around nurses decades younger, thanks be to God. It is insulting for managers and crats to stick these “Hero” signs everywhere, the whole time they take us for fools, leave us with inadequate equipment and staffing. Their approval means nothing to me.

The sad thing is, when this first hit, and the nursing home owners were paid off to bring the flu patients into the nursing homes and expose the most at-risk among us, I thought, “That’s it. People are going to descend on nursing homes and take their loved ones home so they aren’t exposed”. Ha, not ONE! These old folks were kept in their rooms for MONTHS, isolated except for masked, busy staff, scared and alone.

I am not a very good Catholic, but even I know Bergoglio is a satanic anti-pope, and a lot of these “Trads” are like the GOP RINOs, just controlled opposition. I converted in 2008, work 12 hour nights on the weekends and don’t attend Mass, the nearest TLM is about an hr and 20 min away, anyway, and I cannot abide the N.O. Mass. Been there, done that, as a Protestant. I do try to pray the Rosary daily, and I do fast twice a week, as you recommend. But, for what it’s worth, I will pray for you and your production team, Nurse Claire and Dr Beep (thank God there are others out there! Sometimes I have thought I am crazy!). God Bless you!


P.S. Thx for the Ivermectin info! Worked like a charm!

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4 thoughts on “Holo-cough Denial: Complete moral collapse of the entire medical field described in full detail”

  1. …”and that dental work done NOW.”… Yes very much so, and if I may plug the product Grandma and I use. This is the very best, no problems with our teeth from regular use for two years now and great check ups to boot. Rinse and toothpaste. The rinse comes with a handy measuring tool, which you can also use for dispensing your injectable Ivermectin.


  2. I listened to it last night and while it was thoroughly depressing, it’s not surprising. Our country has already committed suicide, the blood just hasn’t completely left the corpse. Unless there’s a miracle of miracles, I don’t see the United States surviving to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. Sorry to be a downer: stay confessed folks.

  3. As a recently retired RN/nurse practitioner of the past 40 years I agree with EVERYTHING Ann’s email author wrote. I was in academia for awhile and the “gender ideology” I was expected to support was appalling. This “A health care hero lives/works here” is repugnant. Everything seems out of the Bolshevik playbook. I didn’t believe this Scandemic from the get-go. It is all a manufactured lie. The malicious measures to contain Covid-19 were so over the top.

    I’m filled with a deep sadness that those who resist like nurse Clare and Dr Beep will lose their jobs. Big Brother is likely coming for everyone, however. Will there be a pushback? I pray “yes”. Yet, look at the debacle of the last election. A conservative may never ascend to the presidency again. Things seem too far gone. But I am able to imagine much worse.

    Our Lady of Victory, pray for us!

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