2 thoughts on “All holy WHO promotes child fornication, child murder, and pedo normalization in one tweet”

  1. In reference to the picture above, I have come up with a personal rule of thumb. When a person who is writing a story, a tweet, the script for a movie, an advertisement, when that person chooses to focus on the rear end of the person, that person is almost certainly a deviant homosexual.

    From the rear, focused on the rear ends. These deviants live their every waking moment meditating on that which possesses them. I’ve seen it before in countless children’s movies – the scene, the inevitable scene – descent movie and then the closeup on one of the main character’s highly exposed butt. The picture above – two people, man and child, no face, not even the back of their head – torso and butt.

    Christians focus on the face, which is the very image and expression of our immortal soul, made in the image and likeness of God.

    Deviants focus on the rear.

  2. The last bullet point has a very ” make human sacrifice safe, legal and abundant” vibe to it.

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