9 thoughts on ““For three deaths prevented by vaccination we have to accept two inflicted by vaccination. Conclusions: This lack of clear benefit should cause governments to rethink their vaccination policy””

  1. Vaccination juries are now affecting airline travel.

    Excerpt, Colorado Herald: According to flightaware.com, 120,000 cancellations per year is the average for global flights. An average day would see 329 cancellations. A 2 day average would see 658 cancellations. But between Friday and Saturday, 3,533 cancellations occurred. That’s a 580% increase in cancellations globally in the past 2 days.


    Airline pilot jobs are normally subject to risk of deep venous thrombosis and clotting issues due to extended periods of physical inactivity. Tie that inherent clotting risk in with the increasingly obvious risk of unprecedented vaccine clotting injury and there is very real *untested* risk now attached to the airline pilot job.

    These risks are normally revealed on lab animals and controlled human volunteers during the normal research, testing and education process which can take over a decade to complete. Now? We vaxx our two pilots up front on a flight full of people and hope for the best. Crazy doesn’t begin to describe it. At least the pilot Unions have been successful (so far) in protection against making the vaxx mandatory for pilots. We’ll just hope for the best, but … as the statistics bear out in the link above – the prospect doesn’t bode well for the vaxxers and (flight safety).

    Leaders may not make the correct public safety decisions, but let’s hope the rank and file American citizen will impose our will on them for the correct outcome.

  2. Cracked open “The Life of Christ” by Fulton Sheen last night and read this:
    “But He was not only a man. He would have us either worship Him or despise Him–despise Him as a mere man, or worship Him as true God and true man. That is the alternative He presents. IT MAY VERY WELL BE THAT THE COMMUNISTS, WHO ARE SO ANTI-CHRIST, ARE CLOSER TO HIM THAN THOSE WHO SEE HIM AS A SENTIMENTALIST AND A VAGUE MORAL REFORMER. The Communists have at least decided that if He wins, they lose; the others are afraid to consider Him either as winning or losing, because they are not prepared to meet the moral demands which this victory would make on their souls.”

    Makes so much sense, as we know what God will do with the lukewarm. God will show Himself through all this craziness via miracles. Please God, let us never become lukewarm. Open the eyes of Your enemies that You may be Glorified.

    Side note: came down with a nasty sore throat and congestion last night, took a dose of ivermectin and some tylenol; slept like a baby and am already feeling better.

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRyhxaD84gk&t=113s

    This woman’s testimony undoubtedly makes the ghouls who created the crisis (Pastor Of The Everlasting Almighty Virus Fauci) and response (Human Software Glitch King Gates) satisfied and vaguely happy (“So many unnecessary people in this overcrowded world – too bad for her no doubt, but it is for the greater good”).

    It makes me incredibly angry. This woman is like every friend I’ve ever had – friendly, responsible, good citizen, mother, hard worker, good hearted soul. She didn’t know any better because no one told her.

    She is who we fight for. Because she is us. And she WILL be us, soon enough, if the Pastor and Software Glitch King have their way. We are not just guinea pigs. I think they knew quite well what these toxins would do, once inflicted upon us.

    1. https://quotecatalog.com/quote/ray-bradbury-but-you-cant-m-wa96rg1

      Interesting quote from Fahrenheit 451 above.
      People have too long refrained from thinking but just have gone along doing as they’re told and as they please.Then all of a sudden (NOT!) something happens to disrupt their lives and they wonder how this could have happened. It happened because they allowed it to by ignoring what is going on around them and being self absorbed. Narcissism does that. I truly feel for those who are and will suffer, but they have eyes to see and ears to hear but do not.

      1. Eyes to see, ears to hear – but you have to take into account the almost total blanket of deception and lies imposed by the mass media complex – which now includes real, practical penalties for non-compliance with their false narratives. Unless you have been thoroughly red-pilled it is hard to notice the propaganda machine.

        So it’s hard to see through the fog. And of you perhaps do see well enough, they make life increasingly difficult until you return to the comfort of the fog.

        Eyes to see and ears to hear assumes truth is being propagated. That is not the case. It takes eyes, ears … but also (importantly) a mind that has been reoriented to the dangerous mass media reality of total deception to process correctly what is seen and heard. So many hard working moms and dads, just living their lives honestly, have never been faced with the reality they live in. So they cannot possibly properly process what they see and hear to make right judgements.

        And so – Mark’s fine blog here and others like it (Dr. Tenpenny’s on Telegram is perhaps the best; Jeff Tucker from AIER is also very good) are little outposts that illuminate like a lighthouse next to shallow, rocky water.

        That is exactly what this lady is saying in this video (so many say similar variations). “I never knew. I just want to get my story out so that others can know what I did not”.

      2. Good quote. Great book. One quibble.

        “But you can’t make people listen …” Ray Bradbury

        The problem is that if they listen, 98% of what they hear takes them down Fahrenheit 451 warned about “… wondering what happened and why the world blew up around them.“

        Who is telling anyone this? Just a few isolated voices. The word is getting out, no doubt. The voices are less isolated, growing stronger all the time. We may be reaching inflection point. But the deceiving system still inflicts its will.

      3. Sophonias (Zephaniah). 1:14-18
        Especially verse 17- “And I will distress men, and they shall walk like blind men, because they have sinned against the Lord: and their blood shall be poured out as earth, and their bodies as dung.”

        Yes, America has been dumbed down and propagandized but that is no excuse. We have turned a blind eye to the sins of this nation. God will make us pay for every aborted baby and for the propagation of sodomy, one of the 4 sins that cry to God for vengeance. It’s not me saying that, there are verses all throughout the Old and New Testaments indicating that mankind will be blinded because of our sins. We all are going to suffer.

      4. I like how Andrew Torba (Gab founder) puts it with respect to “waking up”, becoming aware, taking the red pill:

        “You can’t brute force waking people up. You have to be Socratic. Ask questions. Let them come to the conclusion themselves.“

        And never stop. Keep hope alive internally, share it and keep asking questions and pointing the way out of the fog.

        Barnhardt has a piece in the red pill topic today – from a correspondent – Doctors, front line Doctors, so no dummies, well read, informed, not stupid; but up until a certain key moment blind as bats to the reality of the facts surrounding their very profession. And then – something happens so big, gross and obvious that the propagandists can’t control perceptions of it … and the scales fall off and they see things as they truly are for the first time. Red Pill.

        Via Barnhardt’s correspondent from the medical front lines who witnessed his co-worker finally face reality for the first time: “It was crazy watching someone’s eyes almost literally open in front of me. He was angry. I basically shook his hand and said something along the lines of “welcome to the war”.”

        I still remember the precise moment I was red-pilled prior to the 2016 election – in a conversation with a liberal co-worker. It just struck me in the way described above … and I was angry, not at my co-worker, but at the deceiving leftist system I now saw for the first time in my life. It changed everything. And that is what I see in this poor woman’s video. Too bad it had to hurt her first.

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