LA Times: Vaccine experts having second thoughts about rushing to inoculate kids


From the earliest days of the pandemic, doctors and public health officials have seen widespread vaccination as the most effective way to stop COVID-19 in its tracks. But a growing contingent of medical experts is now questioning whether that conventional wisdom ought to apply to children.

Their doubts are not borne of conspiracy beliefs, but couched in the carefully calibrated language of risk and benefit. And they’re expected to get a public airing next week as advisors to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ponder a spate of post-vaccine heart problems in adolescents and young adults.

The FDA authorized the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for emergency use in adolescents as young as 12 on May 10. In the weeks that have followed, the safety monitoring systems managed by the FDA and CDC detected dozens of cases of a possible side effect in newly vaccinated teens: an inflammation of the heart muscle known as myocarditis.

The cases typically developed in older adolescents, most of them boys, three to four days after they got a second dose…

(Reminder, all of the vaccines are unapproved and experimental)

2 thoughts on “LA Times: Vaccine experts having second thoughts about rushing to inoculate kids”

  1. The horse is out of the barn. Our handlers have the required 70% plus, 12 and up with the death juice. The rest, or most will now follow down the same road. This masking, fear, lockdown regiment has collapsed civil society. Also with a reported 58% of doctors not taking this kill shot, they have a burden to turn any person, any entity against the system set up to destroy society. That is their moral duty, no? And, again speaking of moral and Godly duty, we have here in Canada the bishops promoting the death jab. Certainly in keeping with the cult of death club. Truly beyond description of words that is being exhibited by them. The evil is endemic now into all facets of our lives, in our faces. We the splinter group cannot by ourselves re-right the ship. Perhaps with the Grace of God we will, the remnant, find a way to combat this evil head on.

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