Nothing to see here: Federal judge rules employers can legally force their employees to take experimental unapproved gene therapy biotechnology

By Michelle Mark 13 hours ago

A federal judge tossed out a lawsuit from more than 100 hospital employees who sued Houston Methodist over its policy requiring all staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The workers alleged in their lawsuit that the hospital was “forcing its employees to be human ‘guinea pigs’ as a condition for continued employment.” They also accused the hospital of violating the Nuremberg Code of 1947, likening the vaccine mandate to Nazi medical experimentation on concentration camp prisoners.

US District Judge Lynn Hughes was not sympathetic to either argument, writing in his order of dismissal Saturday evening that none of the employees were forced or coerced to take the vaccine. He also noted that the hospital cannot violate the Nuremberg Code because it is a private employer, not a government.

“Equating the injection requirement to medical experimentation in concentration camps is reprehensible,” Hughes wrote… He added that the workers were free to accept or reject a vaccine and that they would “simply need to work elsewhere” if they chose the latter… 

8 thoughts on “Nothing to see here: Federal judge rules employers can legally force their employees to take experimental unapproved gene therapy biotechnology”

  1. I see… So if I put Jews in Camps, so long as it is privately operated and not under government purview, then it is kosher! Good to know. Thanks Judgey.

    Also all private bakeries must bake the gay wedding cake because hate crime laws are more legally enforceable than Nuremberg.

    1. We clearly live under fascism where you cannot tell where government ends and businesses start. The government lauders its directives through businesses via coercion….no license, no subsidies, no fill-in-the-blank…and then pull the “private business” card. Nope, that is not what is really going on. Have you heard of the Defending Digital Democracy playbooks that have been entered as evidence into a federal lawsuit in Massachusetts? They are likely only the tip of the iceberg that demonstrate government laundering censorship through Big Tech. Why not all business in general?

    1. If we start dropping like flies in a month or two as Dr. Tenpenny surmises, or in the fall when colds come back and school sports start, this country will be ripe for Balkanization and invasion.

  2. Fascist. There is not a job or career in the world worth risking your health and life. I cannot believe how many people are willing to take a chance on both, but people still trust the government like it’s their mother. Many people aren’t interested enough or don’t take the time to research it, so they figure doc knows what he’s talking about, so just do it. If enough people say no, then it is unlikely they will be fired. If they are, oh well, better to find a new job or two, or be broke, lose the car, than take something into your body you don’t want. If we are not sovereign over our own bodies, then we are nothing but SLAVES, not citizens.

  3. Private industry was involved in the Holocaust as well; see Fredric Wertham’s “A Sign for Cain” for details. It’s pretty interesting that the best defense the vax pushers can muster is that their present-day atrocities may in fact be morally comparable to the crimes against humanity condemned at Nuremberg, which isn’t an issue for the twenty-first century globalists, evidently; the only distinction they see fit to draw is that they themselves haven’t been able to ramp up the coercion to full-on Brownshirt levels just yet. To say that someone who doesn’t want to be forced to take the vaccine can go find work elsewhere ushers in a society in which it will be next to impossible to obtain such employment. For many people, avoiding the concentration camps was a matter of choice as well; all you had to do was to join the National Socialist party yourself. In the United States, we hold certain truths to be self-evident, among them the fact that private industry has no more authority to subvert our God-given rights than the state does.

  4. Are we surprised? I mean, our tax dollars help fund the slaughter of our own children. Nothing is off limits.

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