Blood clots not just for J&J vaxx… Widespread side effects for Pfizer and Moderna remain unreported by MSM, but here is someone who needs prayers

Posted by Mary Ann Kreitzer at the LesFemmes blog, reprinted here with her permission. Her brother-in-law has clots.

His name is Dale. Please pray.

Pfizer Danger: Hitting Close to Home!

How many tens of thousands of vaccine complications never make it to the VAERS list? We can personally testify to a life-threatening blood clotting disorder in a family member. Less than a week after receiving the first Pfizer shot, my husband’s brother ended up in intensive care with blood clots all over his body, He’d never had a blood clot before and was in good health. A consulting doctor said he’d never seen anything like it in his career!

My brother-in-law now is on blood thinners and has a filter in his vein to prevent any clot that breaks off from going to his heart and killing him. His doctor warned him against getting the second shot. I hope many never get the first! We have yet to see the long-term danger of these toxic biological agents.

Of course Pfizer is protected from lawsuits as the ching-ching of the money clinking in the piggy bank resounds like the cicada noise in our neighborhood. How many new billionaires are amassing their fortunes while their victims drown in medical expenses? I’m just thankful that my brother-in-law survived although he’ll be dealing with the aftermath for a long time, perhaps the rest of his life. 

Meanwhile, the fiction that these vaccines are safe continues and the pressure to submit to the jab intensifies and aims at youngsters who are at almost zero risk from the virus.

Where are the critical thinkers who should be asking what’s really going on here? And when will Anthony Fauci be held accountable for helping to create the virus in the first place? What possible benefit is there to “gain of function” research that transforms relatively benign viruses into deadly pathogens that jump from animals to humans? Can anyone spell “crime against humanity?” It’s time for a new Nuremberg trial with Fauci and the Chinese Communist Party in the dock!

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