Overstocked! 80 million unwanted unused deathvaxx doses to be donated overseas

If you thought the deathvaxx brigade was facing “hesitancy” before, just wait until people start reading Fauci’s emails.

WASHINGTON – The White House on Thursday unveiled President Joe Biden’s plan for sharing 75% of unused COVID-19 vaccines with the rest of the world, sending excess supply to other countries struggling to vaccinate their populations in an effort to end the global pandemic. 

The U.S. previously stated its intent to share 80 million vaccine doses with the world by the end of June. The White House unveiled its plan for the first 25 million doses on Thursday, and about 19 million of these will be shared through the U.N.-backed COVAX global vaccine sharing program, the White House said

The long-awaited vaccine sharing plan comes as demand for shots in the U.S. has dropped significantly…the growing U.S. stockpile of COVID-19 vaccines amid shortages in many other countries has become more glaring in recent days. Scores of countries have requested doses from the U.S., but to date, only Mexico and Canada have received a combined 4.5 million doses.


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