Repost by request: “Would you rather go to Hell than have Ann Barnhardt be right?”

Would you rather go to Hell than have Ann Barnhardt be right?

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Bergoglio is not pope, and he never was pope. He’s not even Catholic. Do not be scandalized by him. Do not lose your faith. Do not follow anyone who causes you to doubt your faith.

God is in charge, God is in control, God has this. Do you really think that God, all powerful creator of the universe, is pinned down and about to tap out to a bunch of scheming sodomites?

I am writing this post because people are being scandalized by something else, and souls are at stake. Do not EVER doubt that God knows the way out of this. The chessboard is set exactly as He knew it would be set since before He created time.

Yesterday, Steve Skojec published a big piece at 1P5 on doubting the faith. Today he’s promoting it on twitter. I can’t tweet him back, as he blocked me long ago. Here is a sample from the article:

“What do we do when time and again, we are confronted with the unthinkable? What happens when the pope himself — THE POPE HIMSELF (sic) — says contraception is OK, or approves Holy Communion for people living in adultery, or changes the Catechismin a way that reverses the Church’s infallible bi-millenial teaching on the moral liceity of the death penalty (in a way that opens the door to reversing everything else), or signs an interfaith document that undermines the exclusivity of salvation through the Church? What do we think when we hear again and again through one of the pope’s most trusted confidants that he thinks hell doesn’t actually exist, and that the souls of the unrighteous are merely annihilated? What about when he says the miracle of the feeding of the 5,000 wasn’t really a miracle – wasn’t “magic” – but just some act of sharing? What about when he says of the Blessed Mother that she wanted to accuse God of lying to her? Or that Jesus actually “became sin“? What of a hundred or a thousand other troubling things?”

We should probably start by asking, can a true pope can do any of these things? Can someone even be Catholic, let alone pope, if he believes these things? If not, is there any chance he’s not really pope? Did anything strange or unusual happen around or just before the time of his “election?” Is there any evidence that maybe he’s not the pope? Evidence that Benedict’s abdication may have been invalid? Should we dig deeper and see what we can find, or should we dismiss this completely and conclude God sucks, and so does His Church of lies?

A third option? A hidden but rational explanation?

Folks, the Catholic Church, the One True Faith, is not a “defective product.” We are called to fight. Act, and God will act. Do not be tempted to run.

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  1. How anyone can still financially support onepeterfive is beyond me. I hope that everyone who still reads that doom-and-gloom site is also reading this site and Ann B’s. Mark, you and Ann point out things that are clearly wrong in the Church but unlike OPF, you both always close by reminding us that GOD is in charge and it all ends in victory. Your sites have probably saved the souls of several people who were following the pied piper of onepeterfive into apostasy.

  2. His articles and comments prove the depth of the delusion in which he is held and the dangerous path he has chosen. He is wedded to his own opinion, obstinate in his own will and blind to the factual logical argumentation of the courageous fiery scrapper, Ann Barnhardt. And if to bring him back to the path of sanity, Almighty God should send him admonition (the touchstone of the true servants’ loyalty, which never befalls one without God’s permission or command), then is his unstable foundation discovered, and its interior, all corroded and defaced by pride, exposed. Apparently, he refuses to resign himself to what has become so clearly obvious to so many. Neither will he, after the example of our Divine Savior in His sufferings and humiliation, abase himself below all creatures, accounting his admonishers as beloved friends, as instruments of God’s goodness and cooperators in the mortification, perfection and salvation of his soul. Hence, it is most certain that people like him are in serious danger; for the mind’s eye being darkened, with which he contemplates himself & his thoughts, and puffed up with pride he will not budge. May Our Lady, the Mediatrix of All Graces, dispel the darkness and confusion which has afflicted his heart, mind and soul.

      1. @jmy1975 You’ve made the claim “the name ‘Skojek’ literally means 30 pieces of silver.”
        After taking the initiative, this writer has been unable to find any reference in support of that claim.
        Therefore, would you be gracious enough to back up your claim by providing your source for the readers.
        Thanking you in advance.
        Sincerely and respectfully,

  3. I am cynical, I suppose.

    Skojec was a PR/marketing guy. I read his rant and the whole thing seems right in line with Bergoglio…designed to destroy the Faith.

    I have met his ilk before in a parish run by a “pastoral administrator.” The deception is deep. Leviathan…

  4. I’ve been listening to Ann B for over 5 years now and am so grateful for all I’ve learned from her, things I wouldn’t have heard anywhere else. I am in agreement with Ann, you, Supernerd, Dr. Mazza, and ALL the others who say BXVI is still the pope. May Christ confirm this and reveal it when He is ready (I pray soon)! God bless you for all you do! Your title question is perfect. It reminds me of all of the people in America who would rather let the country burn to the ground than to have Trump as our president.

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