5 thoughts on “Hospital in Iowa: “100% of Covid patients are fully vaccinated.””

  1. My neighbor is fully vaccinated and is in the hospital for surgery. She was supposed to be moved to a care facility for rehab but they wouldn’t transfer her for ten days because she tested positive for covid on the last test. She had four other negative tests.
    There are no coincidences.

  2. And the excuse I hear from those getting jabbed now, with all the info at their fingertips is……but if I get the scary covid, it won’t be as bad. Right.

  3. My brother works at a large metro hospital. Yes, they have ‘covid’ patients who are ‘fully vaccinated’ and are in the hospital with the side effects of the shots–things like brain bleeds and more.

  4. Anyone else know this was going to happen? Taking those shots never entered my mind I was so sure

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