11 thoughts on “Seven fully vaxxed NY Yankees somehow have the rona”

  1. Wall-to-wall gaslighting. They’re been lying about everything for so long, I don’t think they could speak a word of truth if they wanted to.

  2. Remember people, these are the same regulatory agencies that have been colluding with big pharma for years and cranking out new vaccines for you and your kids. Think the (lack of) safety testing for the covid vaccines was crazy? Take a closer look at all of those other vaccines that are pushed on your children at every pediatric check up. My husband and I finally saw the light about four years ago and will never accept their junk science or Frankenstein concoctions again.

  3. Anyone else suspect that Magnetic Nanoparticles were used as Delivery Agents in the COVID Jab?

    “As promising agents, Magnetic Nanoparticles have been used in many biomedical applications such as magnetic resonance imaging, targeted drug delivery, and as vaccine carriers.” – CD Creative Diagnostics CD Bioparticles Products (a leading manufacturer and supplier of various nanoparticles, microparticles)

    NEW Compilation Of Magnets Sticking People’s Arms on the Site of Injection

  4. So true, and it’s done across the board. The bishops have been so guilty of it with their encouragement to get the “quaccine,” by assuring people that it’s morally licit to cooperate with abortion in this instance (which is far from certain), when the far more proximate moral issue is the coercion into medical experimentation. I have not seen a mainstream Catholic voice even mention this in passing. If I were trying the hierarchy for abandoning their flock, this bit of evidence would make the case open-and-shut.

    1. “ … when the far more proximate moral issue is the coercion into medical experimentation“.

      That is so true, and almost completely missed. That is the proximate punishment for the previous moral crime. How?

      The way I view God’s economy and His judgements is that because (a) we permit and tolerate vaccines using “stem lines” taken from babies who were alive and subsequently killed (stem lines do no good if their host is dead) then (b) our judgement will be through the sickness and vaccines we were trying to prevent – through evil means.

      “Should we or should we not use vaccines derived from aborted (murdered) baby stem lines”? “Yes, (stroking the chin, furrowing the brow, pondering deep thoughts) because it is ‘remote’ and not immediate – you may use aborted baby stem lines to prevent current sickness”.

      Well, a thought experiment:

      “Should we or should we not use vaccines derived from Jews, their stem lines extracted just prior to their extermination in the furnace or gas chamber”? “Yes, it happened a long time ago; the Stem lines would go to waste anyway; the murders were remote, not immediate – you may use distant Jewish stem lines to prevent current sickness.”

      I find them both revolting, I can’t imagine God is pleased with any Christian’s participation in this industry, no matter how “remote”.

      1. And we should never forget – it is Donald J. Trump that even today openly brags at getting these unprecedented and groundbreaking (mRNA gene altering therapy – no going back), experimental, dangerous, immorally sourced and legally protected vaccines efficiently delivered to the American populace. He bragged about it again, today.

        I see it as an existential threat – combining this evil substance into my God-given, God-sustained body. And like every other Covid response disaster from the past year – it all started with either him, his Covid response team or legally protected private enterprise he enabled.

        I really want to support him, and I don’t know who else to support, but I can’t get past that this greatest man made disaster in American history had its genesis in his Administration. Perhaps someone can explain it.

  5. Fully “jabbed”, because it’s not a vaccine.

    My answer going forward to those who ask; “yes, I’m fully vaxxed” (had all my shots when I was a baby/toddler…so it’s not a lie). Not my fault if they cannot see the jabs are not vaccines.

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