Dr. Fauci explains that your faith is evolving, so there won’t be any religious exemptions, you see

Are you getting the message yet?

20 thoughts on “Dr. Fauci explains that your faith is evolving, so there won’t be any religious exemptions, you see”

  1. Oh, I get the message. I don’t know many deeply religious people who listen to their clergy. The more religious they are, the less they pay attention to what today’s clergy say. I’ll get the vaccine if a couple of strong, young guys can hold me down; but when they are done, I’ll come up swinging.

  2. With every fiber of my being I will resist any forced vaccination, any violence from the state, any act that violates my Catholic beliefs, to the death.

    You won’t win. You can’t win. You, the Satanists will, like your leader, eternally die.

    Not. Going. To. Happen.

  3. The black, beating heart of the Operation Warp Speed response to Covid is drug company legal indemnity from liability – The Art Of The Deal.

    And why do they need this indemnity so urgently; why was it granted so willingly? Because, from everything I’ve seen, the Covid “vaccine” (shorthand for gene altering design therapy) *weaponizes* our body’s God-given immunity response to go nuclear against viral intrusions. Normally, viruses evolve and pass through our bodies with regularity. We are only rarely aware that this occurs. They come and they go – sometimes we get “sick”, usually we don’t. The system is amazing and the virus is *always* at a disadvantage against God’s (our body’s) response. The vaccine, however, changes that. It gets into our DNA and changes everything. The NEXT virus … Covid 21 … will cause an immunal storm that will destroy those who received these gene altering therapies. Runaway immune response. We already see it in the VAERS. Unprecedented deaths and disabling injuries, ALL of them related to runaway immune response. NO ONE talking about it. Legal tort protection from those inflicting it on us.

    What is coming NEXT is the existential threat. THAT explains the little smirk from Bill and his pal Melinda when commenting on how “since Covid 19 didn’t fully disable the entire population in fear, the next round of virus release will likely get our attention … heh, heh, heh”.

    Highly recommend the following video:


      1. All the Trumpers think that if he was in office everything would be great. Who hired Fauci , nominated Pelosi as speaker, pushed for Operation Warp Speed? Who blustered about pretending he was going to do something about the election fraud, then just slipped out of sight? He played his part to whip up the masses, took his payoff and handed over the American people to the oligarchs.

      2. Cynthia, my thoughts exactly. I read somewhere that Trump “beat” Hilary because she wouldn’t have been able to pull off “warp speed vaccine”. How long have we had fake elections?

      3. Cynthia, Trump didn’t hire Fauci. He was forced into a Catch 22 situation, but he should’ve resisted the vaccine. All he had to do was basic research.

      4. jmy1975, I am stuck on the memory that it was Trump alone who cancelled our economy. It was his call, not Fauci. He told my Company to cease operations, lock down, lock up, go home and put my livelihood and family at risk (like everyone else). Under what Constitutional authority does he get to lock up the economy (our entire way of life)? And I am stuck with the memory that it was Trump who proudly gave us Operation Warp Speed, the national “vaccine” program and legal immunity for the manufacturers.

        Lockdown logic and mandatory vaccine logic began under his direction.

        It’s all him. He needs to explain himself. And make amends; perhaps admit his mistakes or explain what happened so it makes sense. Right now, it makes no sense to me.

      5. Trump nominated Pelosi as Speaker????

        Pres has no authority on that. It is the party in control of the House that does it, in her case, the Democrats

      6. Aqua, I’m interested in the truth. The truth is that Trump spearheaded Warp Speed, which brought us the vaccine. He is stupid, and though he tried to offer therapies that won’t kill you, he was too worried about reelection to push it.

        As far as your company goes, your governor and your local authorities, not Trump, shut it down. Trump, if you remember, said we’d be back by Easter 2020. The governors and locals decided to make Trump look bad and go on a power trip.

        Our governors, awash in money from Globalists and China, and drunk with power, shut down the economy.

        Feel free to hate Trump, but do it with facts. Trump didn’t shut down the economy.

        And Biden is far, far worse than Trump.

      7. Jmy1975,

        The truth is that Trump shut down the economy and gave “permission” to reopen if certain conditions were met.

        Trump shut my company down. Not the Governor. Trump. You forget, this was a nationwide shutdown. Best economy in the history of the world, everything humming nicely, my company producing profits for 21 consecutive years. Overnight – go home and lock up. Trump did that.

        And then he gave his permission to reopen if we met performance gates. We’ve been dealing with that abomination ever since. “If you perform and do as you’re told – then you get a cookie!”


        That is the template for every dictator Governor that came next. Trump first. Inslee, Whitmer, Newsom (etc) second. Economic activity and fundamental liberty is at the discretion of politicians. Do what you’re told, and you get portions of your freedom back. That is Trump’s template. I can’t get past the fact he did it. And no one has an adequate explanation for it.

        Don’t get me wrong. I’m still a Trump supporter. But, I think we forget how this started. It’s on him.

        I don’t support persons as much as principles.

      8. Aqua: South Dakota, Florida and other states did their own things. Each state handled the crisis differently, with the more Democrat states being more draconian.

        Trump issued no diktat. If he had, that would’ve been used against him as proof of his authoritarianism. The CDC and Trump issued guidelines which, as I’ve stated, states followed if they wanted to.

        Governors, by law, have the power to issue emergency diktats. And that’s exactly what they did.

        Your governor shut down your company. And your company, fearing liability, shut down your company. By your logic, states are still under lockdown because of trump. And that is asinine.

        The reason there are still lockdowns in place is not because of Trump, or Biden, or the CDC. It’s because of the governors. Read your constitution. States have considerable rights.

        By blaming Trump you give the guys actually ruining your life a pass. And this will never end.

        Trump will be remembered as the guy who unleashed the Death Vaxx. But it is your Governor who made you lose your job, and if you’re forced to get injected, that too.

        And be lucky you even had a job. I haven’t had a job since Obama.

      9. 49/50 States followed the Executive Orders, based on CDC guidelines. Including Florida. They can’t do what they did without Federal,permission. They (States, Federal) cooperated in this unjust deprivation of liberty. Trump set the conditions for shut down. Trump set the conditions for re-opening. It’s in the link, above. Those mandates are his. None of it is constitutional. All of it is capricious (given to unaccountable changes of mood and behavior).

        Various Governors responded in various ways … but … the important thing to note is that *he* – DJT – established the extra-constitutional logic and Federal permission: an executive can act any way they please during a declared emergency.

        Some executives are benign; some are malignant. All of them act according to whim (how do they feel when they wake up in the morning) unconstrained by divided government (separation of powers) and constitutional rule of law. And he started that. It is uncontested that he did. I would say he is still proud of it to this day as an achievement.

      10. Aqua: again, the Feds/Trump didn’t give the states “permission” to do anything. The states and oniy the states, had the power to lock down, quarantine, force masks, etc.

        States have their own health directors, public health systems (CDC is a public health system). They made the decisions.

        Trump never demanded a thing from the states. He gave bad advice, sure. And maybe he still believes it, idk.

        But your sour grapes over losing your job has nothing to do with Trump. It has to do with your Governor and your local authorities. That is just economic and legal fact.

        Example: I live in Ohio. Our governor, Mike DeWine, believes against all evidence and even the CDC, that the mask prevents Covid 19. When cases went up in November, he didn’t blame himself, he blamed Ohioans as not wearing masks, even though everyone was. His health director said 10 percent of all Ohioans would die, which NO ONE in the fed government said.

        Our governor and his policies created the mess in Ohio. He didn’t need permission from Trump to do it. Just like Whitmer in Michigan didn’t need permission to ruin her state. They have emergency powers.

        And btw, when Cuomo in New York murdered nursing home patients, he blamed federal department guidelines, but those were never CDC guidelines.

        What I am telling you is this: it may be convenient to blame Trump for everything, because people need a person to blame. But the truth is much more complicated and sadder. The fact is Trump and most of America’s leadership in the states are to blame. They either all believed the hype, or used Covid as a power grab.

        But your Governor ruined your life. That’s just a fact. Trump is naive at best, stupidly arrogant at worst. His crime is unleashing the vaccine on the world. But the governors own the economic and civil rights damaged in the country. They are accountable.

        If you want a king, to somewhere else.

    1. Sorry, I misspoke. Trump “inherited “ Fauci, but didn’t fire him. Pelosi, I don’t know where I got that, sorry again. But he was Mr. Operation Warp Speed. Just a little teed off by the new excitement and talk of Trump 2024.

    2. jmy1975, You have simply forgotten how this whole thing started. I have not.

      And then, through the entire lockdown opera Trump trotted out Fauci and Birx – day after day with the Presidential imprimatur. I haven’t forgotten that either.

      He could have said from day 1: “My chief science officers urge me to lockdown the economy but I will not do that under any circumstance. I believe in our Constitution, Bill of Rights and American liberties that derive directly from God Almighty. We will get through this together, and we will remain, first and last, America First – a nation of Laws and liberty”.

      But he didn’t do that, did he?

      In this world of psy-op reality (operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals), I don’t really trust our government – even those who claim to be “conservative”. Prove it, I say. Actions speak louder than words. If Trump believes in America First, then he needs to admit past mistakes and firmly proclaim … NEVER AGAIN!

  4. From the wolds largest open air prison, Ontario, Canada. Yes with provincial police at the borders detaining from all provinces, the answer is still no, to the jab. Come and try we say Grandma and I, behind door number one, again, The One Shot, long range, and very effective, day or night,


    I have had a full year to place defensive material around the property. Come, but if you do, come at your peril!

    Proverbs Chapter 24 verse 5 …”A wise man is strong: and a knowing man, stout and valiant.”…, just this morning. I do love the Old Testament, thank you Lord.

  5. The government cannot force anyone to inject an experimental substance into your body. If they try, they are breaking the Constitution, breaching medical ethics, our Bill of Rights, and even the Nuremberg Code.
    People are not even told when they voluntarily get the jab that this is a clinical trial and they are the subjects. It’s all an experiment and they really don’t know what is going to happen. That is not informed consent and again, it is a breach of medical ethics to not tell every single person who gets the shot that much. Stop talking about “safe”, they have no idea about “safe”. VAERS seems to deny that. In 1976 the government ended the Swine Flu vaccine because of 50 deaths. FIFTY. Apparently our lives are a lot more expendable now. Why?
    There is no justification for any mention of force with vaccines. That is absurd. There are not tens of thousands of deaths happening every day. This is all scare tactics and we ought to stop giving them more power than they have by talking about it as if we fear it. I don’t blame people if they got the vaccine. They trusted, because before November 2020 we could trust our government. Those days are gone. People who choose not to have every single human right to refuse it.

  6. Kate R: One thing I’ve learned about our nation right now is that most people who are not conservatives could give two figs for “the Constitution, medical ethics, our Bill of Rights, the Nuremberg Code”. The Rule Of Law, which is the golden nesting heart of our Western civilization (which you rightly give pride of place) is … suspended. Politics, as it now stands, is whatever they can get away with. Emergency and all. They can do whatever. By decree. The Executive Order is now the rule, not the exception. And “force” is an essential element of rule NOT by the Consent of the Governed, but instead, rule by Executive Order. They *will* force compliance and not even think twice about the very legitimate limitations you list above. And, oohhh, they have perfected that “use of force. Oh, yes.

    “Force” in the old days was the threat of shackles and the dungeon; burning at the stake; exile; tar and feathers (etc). Rude. Crude. Counterproductive. Too much work. Bad narrative visuals.

    “Force” in our day is different than that. They make US come to THEM. We do all the work FOR them.

    It involves a little paper or implanted microchip “vaccine passport”. It is so simple to get the passport. So friendly and considerate to your fellow man. What selfish person would not get the passport? EVERYONE ELSE has the passport. What’s YOUR problem? Just, a quick little jab and you will have everything you need to live and you will be a hero to your neighbor.

    If you DO have it, you will be welcome in society. You are welcome also to worship, buy groceries, fill up your car with gas, travel on vacation, go out to dinner with friends, see the doctor, go to your bank to withdraw or deposit money, send your kids to school, work and earn a living. To participate with all the other jabbed.

    If you DON’T have it … that’s *totally* fine, *but* all of the above will, “sorry to say”, *not be possible*. Not one of us. You are selfish and you must go away, selfish person. Murderer. “No cookies for you”! Jail and confiscation of property surely remain in their toolkit, but they can get most of what they need simply by withholding every element needed to live and not simply curl up in the corner and die from neglect. No job, food, gas, car, doctors, Church. Bye!

    I left a Blue State for a Red State, and I remember the moment waking up with wifey one morning in our travel; on the border, looking across the line from blue to red and I made the comment – “We are about to cross over into the land of Goshen”. It was like a great weight, lifting off my soul. I consider Blue to be a clear and present danger. I’m sure many disagree with me on that, but I see where this is going and it will only be stopped by force. It won’t stop, this movement to compulsion, on its own. We will have to make it stop. Somehow.

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