“Truth Over Fear: COVID-19 and The Great Reset”

There is three-day seminar starting this Friday, April 30th. It’s free to sign up; you will be emailed login instructions. Link at the bottom… check out the epic list of presenters. See you there.

View the list of speakers, and register: https://www.restoretheculture.com/

16 thoughts on ““Truth Over Fear: COVID-19 and The Great Reset””

      1. Ya know, @jmarrenjr, if you do get signed up you have the option to get a PREMIUM pass for either $79 or $99 depending on when you purchase it. After the event, the Premium Pass will be a mere $300. HA!

      2. Hello IslamIsIslam….After I figured out what Register button to click on and successfully signed up for the free activation I then signed up for the $79.99 special. $$$ well spent: I’ll just have to cut back on my $20 box wine (Black Box Sauvignon Blanc) purchases.

  1. Canadian Doctor administered 900 doses to his remote B.C. Indigenous population. He saw statistically high fatality and injury rates, mirroring reports elsewhere, troubling him, honest, good-hearted doctor that he is. Covid didn’t harm anyone in his region, but the “vaccine” has already killed and harmed many.

    He makes a suggestion to the governing board of physicians that perhaps they should pause, study the issue, in alignment with best practice when vaccinations go wrong; The Board tells him to shut up. He doesn’t. He is no longer available to his patients in remote B.C. Gone.


      1. He can now find out the real conditions in one of the ICU’s, recover and then sent to face a jury for crimes against the dead in Ontario. These are criminals, and the rest of his life, six days a week, twelve hours a day, hard labour in Northern Ontario would be a fitting end. Sunday off for prayer.

      2. I don’t want anyone to suffer, but those who impose suffering on innocent people should share the load. Perhaps it will help the powerful gain empathy for the little people.

        The science (actual science, not politicized science) says, stop the gene therapy madness. It is hurting and killing us.

  2. If comments are allowed for this virtual conference, perhaps this conference will give an opportunity to alert people of their right and duty to request an examination of the evidence surrounding the Declaratio. I see that both Abp Vigano and Bp Schneider are scheduled speakers. Will they tell us that the Vatican Press Office lied to us with inaccurate translations? Let’s have ready links to Miss B’s work, FromRome’s English translations of Cionci’s articles as well as Lawyer Acosta’s book.

  3. I signed up for the Premium level and can not access my account. Here’s the response I received from the host:

    Hi there,

    Thank you so much for reaching out to us here at Kartra Support! We’re so sorry for the inconvenience but this site and membership is no longer available through our Kartra platform.

    We know that this can be frustrating and we really appreciate your understanding of this situation. We respect our paid users right to amazing deliverability of their emails to their customers through our platform.

    In order to protect our email deliverability rates and IP status, we must be hyper-vigilant about any violating content detailed in our terms. Kartra is not able to absorb the risk related to the content that this site poses to our overall deliverability rankings and anything related to this is not able to utilize Kartra in any capacity at this time.

    If you have any questions about your ticket, please reach out directly to the vendor for resolution. Kartra support is unable to assist with any questions related to your purchase.

    Thank you so much for your understanding!



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  4. The conference was kicked offline. Go to patrickcoffin.media and a pop-up will explain and tell you how to get notification on how to access the talks next weekend.

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