Not-president Biden pulls the grandma-killer card on those who don’t want the deathvaxx

Hundreds of thousands of unused, empty, unwanted vaxx appointments available. The panic is getting real.

It is going to come at us very fast now. You don’t have much time.

“Vaccines can save your own life, but they can also save your grandmother’s life, your co-worker’s life, the grocery store clerk or the delivery person helping you and your neighbors get through the crisis,” Biden said. “That’s why you should get vaccinated.”

Over the past week, the pace of inoculation in the U.S. has slowed…

According to the White House, just 43% of working adults have received at least one shot.

In Iowa, nearly half of the counties are not accepting new doses of the COVID-19 vaccine from the state’s allotment because demand has fallen off. In Florida, Palm Beach County plans to close mass vaccination clinics at the end of May with thousands of available vaccine slots unclaimed. In rural West Virginia, a vaccine clinic at a casino/race track parking garage is opening shots to out-of-state residents to address lagging demand. The hope is that people from Washington, D.C., make the hour’s drive to get vaccinated. In Arizona, a plan collapsed that would have opened a federally run vaccine site in Tucson; demand is slipping and county officials preferred more targeted, mobile locations...

16 thoughts on “Not-president Biden pulls the grandma-killer card on those who don’t want the deathvaxx”

  1. It would be so helpful if you and other web sites did not use gray or light gray or light blue type or a very thin typeface on your blog. My eyes are not bad at all, but it is so uncomfortable to read. One must strain or enlarge the webpage in order to read comfortably. What ever happened to good old black type?

  2. I AM a grandmother and over my cold dead body will I get the death vax. I’d rather have Covid and in fact I think I already have. Going to send away for the antibody test. Still alive and kicking here and doing just fine. Praise the Dear Lord!

  3. Grandma here too. Never, ever gonna get the warp speed experimentation jab. Have about 1000 doses of ivermectin. On a side note; upon entering the super-duper market this evening purple haired door greeter asked if I wanted a mask, said no thanks, I’m part of the control group…she looked quite perplexed.

  4. The vaxx companies state that their products do not stop you from getting the virus. So how does taking it save anybody?
    Are public figures that mendacious or is the average citizen of very low intellect?
    Both maybe?

    1. It’s the same illogic that says “I wear my mask for you, you wear your mask for me”. The mask stops the virus from getting out, but the same material can’t stop the virus from getting in. Apparently the vaxx works the same way.

      Yes, your countrymen are this impossibly stupid.

  5. Could somebody please explain why they want us all vaccinated? I can’t figure it out – do they want to make money from it or is there really something bad in the vaccines that they want to hurt us with? So much info out there. It just isn’t normal how all anyone can talk about is getting this darn vaccine! Thank you for any enlightenment!

    1. The vaccine is not the point.

      The infrastructure being built to control our lives and circumvent troublesome laws and human rights is the point.

      The “pandemic” is the convenience to build this infrastructure and destroy constitutions and charters, the “vaccines” are the current bargaining chip to sell you on their idea of a new world order. Selling you the solution to a problem they manufactured. And the solution will also exacerbate the problem for which they will be ready with more solutions until you are begging them for the final one.

    2. The elites want to depopulate the planet, they would like to reduce the population to something like 1 billion. And those who survive will be their slaves.

    3. Language is the first casualty of totalitarian rule. Since “vaccine” sounds official, safe, and medical, AND since we laugh at those who are “anti-vaxxers” , and since we’ve called a cold a pandemic, calling the bioweapon a “vaccine” gets the masses all in board. It is genius, in its evil way. If you don’t get the death shot you’re not following the “science”, and enough Chinese and globalist cash has possessed enough medical experts to make it appear as if you have no choice.

      All it took was the will to do it, which is how Obama became president, BLM destroyed the country to burn it down for Marxists, and Trump lost in a fraud election. We stand in awe at the utter destruction, barely able to keep up.

      But it’s all based on illusion: that’s how Satan wins. Hold fast, pray, and say NO.

  6. When my daughter was 2 the doctor’s office was pushing a new vaccine for Rotavirus. I declined. A few years later they took it off the market because it was causing necrotic bowel in children. Always be last in line for a new drug or vaccine.

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