Another Covid warplan against humanity, this one from 2017 and Johns Hopkins, of course

Read the entire 89-page PDF here:

BTW, I will never, ever, commit suicide.

All of the panic, messaging, social media control, downplaying side effects… all of it was in the playbook.

Here are some tasty screenshots:

Hundreds of thousands of open, empty, unused vaxx slots all over the county at this very moment.

Care to write the next chapter?

5 thoughts on “Another Covid warplan against humanity, this one from 2017 and Johns Hopkins, of course”

  1. Being conquered I can live with. Being conquered by terrible writers is intolerable. #puke #barf #hurl

  2. “Reluctant Muslims” is a thinly veiled reference for Catholics who object to abortion tainted vaccines. Okay so they got prominent Catholics onboard to take care of that, check. But what about the idea that Republicans would be most willing to vaccinate? Did they actually mean Democrats? Or did they really think “law and order” conservatives would off themselves? Have the planners dwelt so long in a boomer bubble, puffed up with pride, they figured the smart people would be leftists and college students not realizing they’d lobotomized them long ago? Explains some things. They don’t seem to have a plan for conservative outreach other than to strong arm Trump to “tell his supporters to get the vaccine.”

  3. I began a MS program with Johns Hopkins 4 years ago.

    I have been tempted to quit all this past year. The only thing keeping me going has been my parents dreaming of seeing me receive my piece of paper in the ceremony. But since the University is invested in keeping this scam going for the next few years, I’ve been telling them I’m not going to walk.

    I don’t want a milestone event (that I didn’t even want in the first place) marred by the Cuck muzzle.

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