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  1. Well, I didn’t expect the reaction I had to watching this, but I just cried my eyes out remembering the joy of that day.

    1. Rose: the joy of that day is a mere foretaste, a reflection of something much bigger for which we aim. We will will have it in full forever in heaven one day.

      Alternatively, a tale reflecting a foretaste of something much different …

      I had never heard the name Jorgé Bergóglio prior to his “elevation; he was a complete mystery when he walked out onto the Loggia. Prior to his appearance, I was as keenly excited as anyone else to see our new Pope. We love our Pope. I loved Pope Benedict XVI. I was sad and confused when he “abdicated” (been a long road since then), but knew the Catholic Church would care for Her children with our next Holy Father. Trust. Submission. Tell me who, I will follow.

      The moment he appeared, I will never forget it as long as I live. Rage. Pure, vivid white hot anger. I stared at the screen in disgust, and to this day I can’t tell you why. He did nothing except appear and wave. He asked us to pray. I stared at the screen and I saw red; left the room in disgust. It startled me, then, as now. And there is no explanation for it except supernatural (I have thought and prayed long and hard, confessed, discussed with Priests to ensure it was of God). I see it now, in hindsight, as my Guardian Angel speaking to me on a matter of gravest spiritual importance, because there was nothing intellectual or substantial to form any opinion whatsoever.

      Only later did I find out this strange reaction was shared by others who previously thought they were alone – I have heard many such stories of vivid visceral reactions like mine. God loves us, cares for us and will always provide a way of escape so we do not endure beyond what we are able. And I will always look to God the Father, Jesus and His Blessed Mother who incarnated our Lord and the Holy Spirit who are the true, ultimate objects of my Faith.

  2. BXVI might be the worst pope we have ever had. There is much to suggest that he is. He is a modernist, a Vatican 2 guy, a seamless garment guy, and apparently a coward.

    I know some believe he resigned because he had a plan, but I don’t think so. I think he was scared of the evil in front of him, and perhaps even a bit scandalized.

    Of course, it’s easy to be an armchair QB, but his false resignation just gummed up the works so badly. Look at how much worse the world has gotten since we had Bergolio as the pretender. It’s no accident that evil has been emboldened.

    What happens when B16 dies? I submit it will get even worse, since the Church will not only be led by Evil in the person of Bergolio, there won’t be a pope at all, not even on the sidelines.

    Pray for a miracle with B16…

    1. And he is a “Summorum Pontificum” guy. He is a reconciler with SSPX guy. That is no small thing. Pockets survive and thrive as the burning commences.

      We are surrounded by evil and evildoers in our Church and he gave us a lifeline to survive the coming storm.

      Given the evil we face, and before this we had no idea how bad, I am grateful for that and for exposing us to the truth of our situation. Truth is the first step to recovery.

      1. He could have exposed the rot without the resignation. He could have cleaned house. He is Pope, he has God on his side. It wouldn’t be easy, but it’s certainly not easy now is it?

        He is probably closer to God than I am, but we lack bravery in the Church. Just my opinion.

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